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QCSS utilizes software that provides a powerful script-enabling tool that incorporates a point-and-click IVR with call flow design functionality. Our state of the art software also contains a Voice Mail application that allows customers to leave a recorded message during long queue times or after hours. The Voice Mail application can also be used as personal mail for agents and supervisors.

IVR uses touch tone and voice commands to: (1) Route calls with the ACD (Automated Call Distribution) (2) Provide information to the caller (3) Collect information (4) Perform processes such as providing an account balance.

Our IVR Self Service Application provides:

  • Dynamic call routing: skills, priority, and service level
  • Point and click interface with custom scripting capabilities
  • Access to Microsoft SQL Databases
  • Automated attendant, information retrieval and update
  • Touch tone control
  • Played messages: greetings, advertising, text-to-speech, speech recognition

Self Service

Self service systems support large volumes of contacts without requiring costly workforce resources and provide:

  • Timely, automated resolution of customer inquiries
  • Data and information organization and consolidation
  • Automation of complex processes
  • 24/7 Operational hours without increasing staff
  • Customized call flow scripting to eliminate repetitive and costly tasks from the agent agenda
  • Low-cost multilingual call center customer support
  • Voice mail, message delivery and fax on demand
  • Outbound contact efficiency without agent resources

A Closer Look

Inbound self-service allows callers to interact with the organization during and after hours typically without the need of an agent. The growth of inbound IVR is being driven by increased phone volumes, the need for faster, more efficient service, and cost savings.

Outbound IVR messaging allows the person called to answer questions, take surveys and more without an agent resource. Outbound IVR facilitates a range of markets including collections, telesales & lead generation, market research, alerts, group & community communications.

The QCSS IVR application allows callers to interact with critical data in various databases. The IVR system can also gather caller information such as product orders, credit card information, and market surveys, as well as provide account or product information.

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