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Our PDS (Predictive Dialing Solution) automates, organizes, and manages outbound calling campaigns and resources allowing us to:

  • Build productivity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase call volume
  • Reduced Idle Time
  • Get more productive contacts
  • Increase list penetration
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Give higher quality & accuracy
  • Have outbound call regulation compliance

Our dialing technology delivers call management, list control, workflow management, and an integrated database. Our call management solution also provides complete local or remote monitoring and reporting. It also has supervision controls that enable us to manage your companies operation more effectively.


  • Full-Featured - Cost-Effective - Award winning system for Automated Dialing Configurable Pacing Algorithm -up to 7 pacing methods assignable by campaign
  • Multiple Dialing Modes - Predictive, Preview, Power, Unmanned & Manual
  • Area Code Management - Automatically begins & ends calling based on time of day
  • Do Not Call List - Applied to individual or multiple outbound campaigns for compliance
  • Busy, Disconnect, No Answer, and Answering Machine Screening - Filters uncompleted calls and removes them from the agent queue so that our agents spend more time talking to live people
  • Screen Pops - Push customer information to the agent desktop for reduced call handle times
  • Call-back Scheduling & Appointment Setting - Agents can schedule agent-specific or general call-backs or manage appointment setting
  • List & Campaign Management - Load. Filter. Assign lists and assign campaigns in advance so that new programs or lists can begin dialing automatically without supervisor intervention

Inbound Blending

QCSS provides true Inbound / Outbound call blending that allows agents to receive or place either type of call as demands change. With our Technology we are able to route inbound contacts based on the Dialed Number (DNIS), agent skills, customer profile, service levels and user-defined business rules. Our Inbound Call Blending option is designed to increase the efficiency of the call center room. Resource pools can be created that allow our agents to receive inbound calls and automatically switch to outbound calling (or vice versa) as the need arises.

Trunks can be assigned as strictly Inbound, Outbound or Mixed. QCSS agents can be designated as Inbound, Outbound or Inbound/Outbound. (Inbound/Outbound agents will receive both types of calls.) The Inbound campaigns have 800 or DNIS numbers assigned to direct the call flow to the appropriate campaign database and script. ANI recognition presents the appropriate record on our agent's screen at the onset of the call.

Our agents can easily identify which type of call they are receiving because of alert tones and a different script screen will appear at the onset of the call.

Script Generator

The Script Generator is an easy to use, point and click interface that transparently creates web-enabled clients with little programmer intervention and very low implementation costs! The screen pop and scripted call flow is modifiable within minutes without contact center interruption.


QCSS can provide a wide variety of standard Reports to quickly see our production and efficiencies. Custom Reports can also be generated through Access, Excel, Crystal Reports or a variety of report generating products. The reports detail the Campaign, Query or Agent activity for user configurable time periods and enable accurate up to the minute ROI tracking.

Call Conferencing and Transfer

QCSS agents can initiate Call Conferencing and/or Call Transfers with a few simple keystrokes, allowing information to be smoothly moved to the proper enterprise personnel. Our software can transfer agent connected calls in two ways. Calls transferred within the QCSS system are referred to as Internal Call Transfers. Internally transferred calls have both Voice and Data. The calls are transferred to another agent on the QCSS Network typically a Verification or Confirming agent. The QCSS Verification Agent can have a distinct script appear on-screen at the time of the transfer.

Calls transferred off the system are referred to as External Call Transfers. Externally transferred calls are voice only.


The Recording feature is a powerful tool to assist in Quality Control and Education. All recorded data is easily archived for later retrieval. The Digitized Recording option allows the agent to easily record portions of a conversation and archives the recording for later retrieval. Critical information regarding Product Orders, Service Arrangements, Driving Directions or other "must verify" data is seamlessly stored to the system hard drive. This information can be later played back or copied to another media format (CD, tape, floppy) for permanent storage. The Digitized Recording option allows QCSS to maintain a record of all Outbound-Inbound calls.


QCSS technology includes a powerful Email Management application that allows agents to address customer email inquiries with a personalized response on the spot.

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