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1. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every “opportunity” they come across. Opportunities are often wolves in sheep’s clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked. Juggling multiple ventures will spread you thin and limit both your effectiveness and productivity. Do one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly. If you feel the need to jump onto another project, that might mean something about your original concept.


2. Know what you do. Do what you know.

Don’t start a business simply because it seems sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. Do what you love.

Businesses built around your strengths and talents will have a greater chance of success. It’s not only important to create a profitable business, it’s also important that you’re happy managing and growing it day in and day out. If your heart isn’t in it, you will not be successful.


3. Say it in 30 seconds or don’t say it at all.

From a chance encounter with an investor to a curious customer, always be ready to pitch your business. State your mission, service and goals in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the person. Less is always more.


4. Know what you know, what you don’t know and who knows what you don’t.

No one knows everything, so don’t come off as a know-it-all. Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who will nurture you to become a better leader and businessman. Find successful, knowledgeable individuals with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in working with you for the long-term.


5. Act like a startup.

Forget about fancy offices, fast cars and fat expense accounts. Your wallet is your company’s life-blood. Practice and perfect the art of being frugal. Watch every dollar and triple-check every expense. Maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow effectively.




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As you may know, hiring a B2B telemarketing company can be a great way to increase leads and sales.

Outbound calls can become the first interaction someone has with your business while inbound calls can drive in revenue and become the determining factor in lead generation. A well-trained B2B telemarketing company will know exactly how to efficiently process these calls.

Knowing what is involved in caring for another business’s customers is what separates an outstanding B2B telemarketing agency from the pack.


What makes the best B2B telemarketing companies?

The B2B telemarketing company that you choose will interact with your customers and clients on a regular basis. They will become an important extension of your sales and marketing efforts.

Before choosing your telemarketing company, here are a few factors to consider:


1.   Strong Customer Service Skills – The best B2B telemarketing companies treat your customers as if they were their own. Strong customer service skills means handling questions about the finer details of your business on the fly. It also means knowing how and when to vary the scripts. Not every call is identical, and not every situation can be resolved in the same way.


2.   Inbound Lead Generation – As you may know,the people who take the time to call your business are often your most qualified leads. These phone calls need to be serviced promptly and professionally, and these customers need to be left satisfied. The best B2B telemarketing companies understand and value these phone calls as an opportunity to truly make a difference for the client.


3.   Attention to Customers – Customers have options and competition can be high. Because of the internet, customers have grown accustomed to immediacy. Immediate attention and a quick resolution can make all the difference in lead generation and sales.  


4.   Commitment to Multiple Roles – Finding the right B2B telemarketing company can help your business with more than just sales and lead generation. That’s an important part of it, but they can also help with important communications services such as market research through outbound surveys, database maintenance, voice broadcasting announcements, and live web chat.


5.   Quality Training – When handling another business’s phone calls and leads, it is important to be ready in any type of situation. Remember, the call handlers are an extension of your business, so training is a crucial element to a successful relationship. Find a B2B telemarketing company where they train call handlers to be well-versed with your company and understand client interaction. Callers should understand the FAQs, for quality product knowledge. They need to understand the qualifiers to be a solid lead, appointment or sale.


Ultimately, the best B2B telemarketing companies will treat your customers as if they were their own. They put an emphasis on helping you to build your business, and work to add value.


The best B2B telemarketing companies understand that the job entails more than simply answering or making phone calls. It is about becoming an extension of your sales and marketing efforts so that your customers and clients are happy. 


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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?




Inaction is often safer than action.



The thing is, most successful people will tell you that they got to where they are because they were willing to take risks that no one else was.


Taking risks opens you up to new challenges and opportunities and it also empowers you to establish new limits in your mind.



This is the year of doing and there are less than 100 days left.


Ask yourself: what would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.



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Written by: Amy Schiller


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No matter how much time you and your sales staff spend on the phone, you can’t approach the lead-generating power of an outsourced call center. A top call centercan out-call, out-pitch and out-convert even your top sales people.


So—how do you find a call center for business-to-business lead generation?

Here’s what to look for:


1. Outbound Calling Capacity

Your outbound call center should be like a turbocharged extension of your sales team, executing 30-50 targeted dials per hour and pitching between five and seven of them—quadruple what an average person can do.

Sit back and relax a little! You and your sales team can focus on the leads and clients you already have instead of worrying about generating your own leads and not meeting monthly and quarterly goals.


2. Agent Training

The people you’re calling are busy professionals. Just like you don’t like it when your time is being wasted, neither do they. This means that they will hang up the second that they feel like you are not providing any value to them.

We believe that high calling volume is useless without professional, well-trained agents on your end of the line. Look for a call center where agents have classroom training that includes vocal coaching, rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills so that they can successfully do their jobs.

Call center agents will get to know your business and I’m not just talking about from bullet points on a script. In-depth knowledge about your company will help turn a doubter into a lead.


3. Customized Scripts

Do your calling agents say the same thing to every prospect? Or can they adapt on the fly and engage the busy professionals on the other end of the call?

They can if they have the right script—a customized script that’s built specifically for your lead generation. Your script should be interesting, answer questions and prompt prospects into requesting more information.

Scripts should also always include a detailed page of Frequently Asked Questions, this way agents are prepared for anything a prospect may ask.

With a customized script that is built specifically for your lead generation efforts, agents will sound prepared and confident. As you know, confidence sells.


4. A Database-Building Campaign

You may have heard that lead generation isn’t just about calls—it’s about building relationships with multiple contacts. Maybe it starts with a single call, but where does it go from there?

With a multi-touch campaign strategy, you’ll build your database with every contact. From the first call that identifies the decision-maker, to the emails and follow-up calls that turn the prospect into a lead, you’ll accumulate actionable data and keep your CRM current.

The call center will keep you current with everything that is going on with your campaign. You can expect daily updates on every new lead, and weekly reports that show you where you should focus your resources.


5. Quality Assurance

You have a business to run which means that you shouldn’t have to monitor your call center too.

Find a call center that guarantees daily live agent monitoring, forecasting down to the hour, live real-time coaching and weekly agent evaluations. Does your call center conduct daily test calls? If not, how can they promise quality assurance you can rely on?

Finding a call center that promises quality assurance will lift a lot of weight off of your shoulders. This is a great way for call centers to hold their employees accountable and it will also guarantee that you receive the best service possible. 


6. Don’t Forget Inbound!

Business-to-business lead generation is mostly about outbound calls, but don’t forget the inbound side of the equation.

When prospects call you back, a well-trained inbound call center will make sure calls get routed correctly, questions get answered in full, and every inquiry gets satisfied. Inbound agents should be specifically trained to listen, help and build trust between callers and you.

Your call center should qualify leads, help convert leads into sales, and sales into bigger sales. 



Ask us how your call center can turbo-charge your lead generation.


Written by: Amy Schiller

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So, you’ve decided to outsource your telemarketing to a call center.

The first thing that you need to know before you even start the process of picking a center is that call centers do not need to be geographically close to serve its clients. Sure, proximity might have its benefits, but a good call center is structured to be able to serve clients locally, nationally and internationally. 

There are lots of factors to consider when you are looking at how to find the right call center in the United States.

Centers in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles often require evaluating these four factors:

  • Call center technology
  • Services
  • Training
  • Culture

The best call centers have built their business with people like you in mind and all of these factors are important in order for them to deliver the best possible services to you and your company.


Pay Attention to Call Center Technology

Call center technology is a critical part of being able to handle client needs nationwide. Call centers are built to handle multiple clients at the same time. This requires the ability to handle a large inbound and outbound call volume. Things like dialing technology, IVR systems, reporting, network infrastructure and compliance should all be taken into consideration as you are choosing your call center.

Questions you can ask:  

1. What kind of technology does your call center use?

2. What is inbound/outbound call blending?

3. Does your system provide inbound/outbound call blending?


Consider the Services

It’s always good to know a call center’s capabilities, in case there is a service they offer that you may want but weren’t aware of.

Make sure you understand the various call center services available to you, and that the call center will be able to accommodate your needs.

If you are looking to expand your customer base, you probably need some form of outbound telemarketing. If you are experiencing a high inbound call volume then you should be looking for a call center that has inbound telemarketing capabilities.

Questions you can ask:  

1. What different services does your call center offer?

2. Which services would you recommend for my company when (insert service here) is what we are trying to accomplish?

3. Does your company offer inbound AND outbound marketing?


Employee Training

Remember that the call center that you choose is going to become an extension of your business and will be making lasting impressions with your customers. It is important that they have had proper professional training and are also educated about your brand. Agents need to be able to answer as many questions about your brand as possible.

Questions you can ask:

1. Does your call center treat training as a continuous process?

2. How do you train your employees?

3. Are agents being provided constant coaching, feedback and skills related to performance?


Culture is Everything

A company’s culture will dictate what they do and how they behave in certain instances. This is hugely important because call centers need to learn every aspect of your businesses, and communicate with your customer base.

Make sure that the call center that you choose values your clients’ business and takes the time to truly learn about it. This means involving you in the training, and learning every aspect of what you do.

Questions you can ask:

1. How do I know that your call center can align with my brand?

2. How are you sure that your agents are following procedures and company policies?

3. How do you hold employees accountable?

4. How do you motivate your employees so that they deliver exceptional results?


Taking It All In

All of these factors are important when it comes to finding the right call center so make sure that you do your homework. Let us know if you are looking for the right call center for you.


 Written by: Amy Schiller 

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As you may know, lead generation is an extremely crucial part to any business. No matter how big or small your business is, it’s always important to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to continue bringing new prospects into the sales pipeline.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a great method when it comes to B2B lead generation techniques but sometimes it’s important to rely on more traditional ways to draw in new customers and expand your sales funnel.

Telemarketing is absolutely necessary when it comes to expanding your business because it’s a great way for generating leads.

Let’s take a look at the different ways that telemarketing can benefit your business.


1. Outbound Telemarketing

You may be most familiar with this type of telemarketing. Outbound telemarketing is when callers reach out to prospects for the intention of sales or brand awareness.

It’s also a great way to reach new people and expand your customer base.

Outbound services can be used for appointment setting, audience development, customer success outreach, new customer acquisition and much more.



When you hire a telemarketing company to work on your outbound efforts you get experienced professionals talking to your prospects. Every time a telemarketer picks up the phone the chances of you landing a sale increases.


2. Inbound Telemarketing

This is another way to make a strong, lasting impression with current and potential customers. 

Inbound telemarketing makes a great impression with current customers and prospects. If they are calling your business, this means that they are interested in what you have to offer.

They have already showed interest in your company, and the answers that you might be able to give them. This can translate into a higher sales rate.

Inbound telemarketing includes customer service, sales and order taking, direct advertising response, help desk and answering services.



Do you want your employees to be more productive and focused on relevant tasks?

If you have a set team answering inbound calls, it gives your employees an opportunity to focus on their jobs and less on customer service issues or help desk efforts.


Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

When you outsource your telemarketing, you are utilizing trained sales professionals to help grow your business.

A good call center will make sure that its employees are professionally trained, and extremely knowledgeable on every part of your business. They need to be able to answer a variety of questions that may come their way on many different issues.



In a world with impersonal, far-reaching messaging, telemarketing can provide that one-on-one personal touch your business needs in order to land new clients or customers.


Telemarketing can be a great way to reach a strong list of potential prospects. It can be a great way to build new business relationships, while expanding your sales. If you want to know what it can do for your B2B lead generation, contact us today.  


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It seems like there are two kinds of sales managers in the world.

One kind asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads?”.

The other asks, “How do I get better telemarketing leads?”.

The sales manager who is asking how to get more telemarketing leads, may find the leads but they also may not be qualified.

The sales manager who is asking how to get better telemarketing leads may not be able to receive the desired amount.

That’s why we cannot deny the fact that there is a third kind of sales manager. This is the sales manager who is not happy with one or the other. He or she asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads, and make sure the ones I get are better?”.


Are you ready to become the third kind of sales manager? Follow these 5 tips.



Calling lists are a lot like tomatoes—the ones you can buy aren’t nearly as good as the ones you grow yourself.


Since the introduction of the national do-not-call registry, buying a worthwhile list for business-to-consumer marketing has become nearly impossible. Business-to-business lists are a different story, but they’re still random and inaccurate.


The million-dollar question is: How do you grow your own?

Start with anyone who has ever liked you on Facebook, commented on your LinkedIn posts, responded to one of your ads, or follows you on Twitter.


Better yet, ask your current customers. If every one of them gives you one name, that’s the best list you could hope for.

 No one likes cold calling, and people usually aren’t very good at things they don’t like doing.


Outsourced call centers are very, very good at cold calling. A top call center can execute up to 100 targeted dials per hour, pitching as many as 15 of them—quadruple what an average person can do.


Call center agents don’t just make a lot of calls. They’re professional and well-trained in rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills. Give them a good script, and they’ll turn doubters into qualified leads.

Do not just funnel leads to your sales teams. Make it a two-way pipeline, by consistently asking them which kinds of leads are getting the best results.


Your inside sales team can tell you which leads genuinely want to do business. And your outside sales force will tell you loud and clear when they need more or better leads. Engage them for more details. The better you understand their needs, the better you can make their leads.

Very few people are naturally good at telephone sales. The good ones get that way through practice—and the great ones’ practice by recording their calls, listening to what works and what doesn’t, and adapting their techniques accordingly.


Record your sales teams’ calls, and make sure you go over them together. You will see results.



By the way, top outsourced call centers routinely record their calls—and practice daily live agent monitoring—for training and quality control. That’s one reason they’re so effective.

You’ve probably heard the saying: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Measuring the effectiveness of your lead-generation techniques is a critical step toward making them better.

But what to measure?

Each step of your sales process probably creates a metric or two. Once you determine which ones matter the most, make sure you establish baseline numbers and attainable benchmarks. And hold everyone—in-house team members and outsourced call agents —to the same standards, backed by daily and weekly reports.


Here’s a quick question:

Which sales manager are you going to be?

1. The one that asks how to get MORE telemarketing leads

2. The one who asks how to get BETTERtelemarketing leads

3. The one who asks how to get MOREtelemarketing leads and making sure the ones you get are BETTER?


Ask us how an outsourced call center can get those lead numbers up—and make those leads better.



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