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Business is great and you’ve got a well-established brand which is distinguished from other competitors. Your business has this product, we’ll call it - ‘Q’. Q promises to be this innovative product which every household can benefit from. Your sales team is lit. There’s lots of work to be done. How are they going to generate interest in the product, ‘Q’? Which customers can, will or could benefit from this new product? The answers will explain how demand and lead generation differ.


Demand generation and lead generation are often mistakenly used synonymously. However, they are two completely different processes. Demand generation is concerned with generating interest and consequent demand for a product or service. Lead generation deals with vital customer information from which leads can be generated. Simply put, demand generation creates the want for your product, whereas lead generation finds clients for your product.


B2B Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation refers to the process of finding and following leads to increase customer base and increase sales. It forms a necessary aspect of any marketing campaign. Your business must have a targeted audience who is expected to benefit from the product or service offered. But what can you do to assist your lead generation team to find more leads? Here are a few tips you could consider to increase leads for your business.


Use ICP to Filter Leads

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) needs to be established so that you know who your target audience is. ICP refers to a detailed description of the ideal customer as well as the suggested benefits which such a customer can present to your business. This will also allow you to focus on how that ideal group could be converted into clients. Your selected B2B agency can assist in this process by executing the data search for your decided ICP. They could also assist by helping to develop a detailed ICP for your business with you.


Utilize Social Media Platforms

With the wealth of potential client information available on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, potential clients aren’t in short supply. The wealth of clients available on these platform and nifty tools such as followerwonk can help you sort through the potential to lead to the actual. While you’re at it, comment on other blogs, respond to tweets which you find interesting or support your own views. This also helps to get your name out there and generates interest in what you have to offer.


Automate Aspects of Your Marketing

If you have a wealth of content available, automation might be one of the best options available. This can also be the responsibility of your B2B agency, to automate your content by creating drip campaigns. Or your social media platforms could also be automated to post your content at scheduled points on your behalf. The more information you put out there for your audience, the greater the interest in your products and services.


Consider E-mail Marketing

With the advent of the internet, the typically mailed letter has diminished in volume. The volume of mail is now mostly electronic and online. This e-mail marketing, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Yet with your selected B2B agency, you can decide on engaging and concise content and images for newsletters and emails. Remember to add your signature to the letters to promote authenticity.   


B2B Demand Generation Strategies

Demand generation is a more thorough process which requires a much closer look at customer patterns and interests. Interest in the product is carefully nurtured to develop leads. Demand generation may prove daunting when left to your sales team to do it all from scratch. Thankfully, there are B2B strategies available to help you navigate the seas ahead.


Let’s consider a few demand generation strategies which may assist in generating a desire for your product or service. The importance of demand generation should not be overlooked as it serves as a bridge. A bridge connecting your product or service to the clients.

Team With Sales

Your sales team has the product and it is the duty of your selected B2B provider to propose strategies which can assist desires of increased revenue. That way the slack, which may arise once deliveries have been made, can be covered. Perhaps there are deals which didn’t work out. Although they may appear as dead leads, demand generation members can follow up to find solutions for future issues which may arise or to regain customers by resolving their issues.


Have The Necessary Equipment

In order to work efficiently, you need the appropriate tools to facilitate your progress. Ensure that you have a sales funnel and other technology to smoothly manage your customer and service relationship. Systems must be established to handle the traffic which will be sure to arise such as - customer service, marketing automation, content management, and customer relationship management. The necessary platforms must be put in place so that efficiency and customer satisfaction remains at a high ranking.


Know The Right People

Be aware of others within the industry you provide your service. Everyone didn’t just make it to the top by doing it all alone. Associate with noteworthy individuals of your industry at webinars. Foster relationships with others within your industry. This will bring experience, and provide opportunities to develop trust. Your hard work will surely pay off. Success at so-doing will surely boost brand-awareness, build vital relationships and foster prospects for the demand generation team.


Create Content

If no one knows about your business or the product or service offered, failure shall be the inevitable result. Your prospective clients need to know about you and what you offer. Therefore you must ensure that you generate and publish content. What can you possibly use for content? With every business, there’s a unique story about why it got started, goals, accomplishments, product information and so much more. Audiences want to know about it all. How else are they going to know that you’re worth their time and interest? Plus their piqued interest will help your demand generation team zero in on captivating and maintaining their interest in your product or service.


Consider Lookalike Audiences

Have you ever played the game, ‘go fish’? The version where you want a specific card and if no one has it you have to go fish? Well… Once you are aware of the audiences who are responsive to what product or service you offer, seek them out. With numerous social media platforms out there, there is a large expanse of potential clients available to present demand generation opportunities. These are the audiences available on platforms such as Facebook, who share similar likes to your already established niche. Have a look.


Which B2B strategy did you find most helpful? We would love to hear how any of our mentioned tips or strategies were helpful in your selection of a suitable B2B agency.

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Have you come to a dead end with lead generation?


We’ve all been there.


Prospects aren’t interested in your product or service or even taking your calls. It’s hard enough to be on the phones every day making phone calls – and harder having every person turn you down.


Well, there’s good news: Generating leads doesn’t have to be that difficult. With the right team and strategy at your disposal, you could easily be following up on leads and engaging with interested prospects.


We’ll walk you through different ways that you can generate leads for your team. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to convert qualified generated leads in your pipeline. Ready? Let’s dive in.


6 Ways to Generate New Leads for Your Sales Team


Before you start diving into generating leads, you need to understand how the process works. Just like you would outline a blog post before writing, you want to establish the three or four main takeaways of your lead generation campaign, and make sure you have a team to help you. Then, you can start talking about how you are going to generate your leads.


Now, let’s talk about the 6 different ways that you can generate new leads for your team!


1. Social Media


Social media is a great way to generate new leads. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are just a couple platforms that businesses use for lead generation.

Twitter and Instagram allow for direct messages, which makes it easy to reach out to people in specific industries.

To use Facebook for lead generation, you may have to invest in advertising. The good news is that there are experts who do Facebook advertising for a living.

Social media platforms are an amazing way to generate leads but you have to be willing to reach out to people and be social – hence social media. 


2. Optimizing Content


When you use content that is relevant and appealing you will capture the correct audience. No matter what industry you are in, you are the expert!

Highlight what you do best and share inside knowledge to show the information you’re sharing is reliable.


3. LinkedIn


Yes, LinkedIn is a social media platform. It’s just so important for lead generation that we gave it its own number.

Publishing posts and articles on LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed by other companies. LinkedIn also makes it easy to establish yourself as an industry leader.

Add people on LinkedIn who you want to be in your network. Be sure to add a note so that when they see your invite, they will know why you want to be connected with them.

If you’re looking to take LinkedIn lead generation extremely seriously be sure to:

- Participate in discussions

- Publish posts and articles

- Comment on other posts

- Stay active

- Use it as a social network – be social!


4. Email Marketing


Do you have an email list?

If not, you may want to start working towards developing one.

And no, buying email lists is not the answer to your problem.

Get people who are interested in your business to sign up for your email list. How? By distributing amazing content that people can’t say no to and want to be notified when you’ve published something new.

Email marketing is never going to go out of style.


5. Public Relations


Joining a podcast, live video, radio show, or video chat in your industry is a great way to generate new leads. This will help people get to know you on a different platform, and not just as your usual business self.

It also helps you become more relatable which will encourage people to reach out and talk to about what you do.


6. The telephone


Start a campaign with a telemarketing company and develop a lead generation campaign.

Are you trying to set appointments for your sales team or up-sell / cross-sell services?

A telemarketing campaign is a great way to increase sales and profits, the number of qualified leads, and the number of appointments.

There actually are a lot more benefits than those, check them out here.


We’ve covered 6 different ways that you can develop leads.

If you want more information on this subject feel free to call us at 888.229.7046.

We’re the people who make and take the calls. Lead generation is just one of our many specialties.


Written by: Amy Schiller

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No matter how much time you and your sales staff spend on the phone, you can’t approach the lead-generating power of an outsourced call center. A top call centercan out-call, out-pitch and out-convert even your top sales people.


So—how do you find a call center for business-to-business lead generation?

Here’s what to look for:


1. Outbound Calling Capacity

Your outbound call center should be like a turbocharged extension of your sales team, executing 30-50 targeted dials per hour and pitching between five and seven of them—quadruple what an average person can do.

Sit back and relax a little! You and your sales team can focus on the leads and clients you already have instead of worrying about generating your own leads and not meeting monthly and quarterly goals.


2. Agent Training

The people you’re calling are busy professionals. Just like you don’t like it when your time is being wasted, neither do they. This means that they will hang up the second that they feel like you are not providing any value to them.

We believe that high calling volume is useless without professional, well-trained agents on your end of the line. Look for a call center where agents have classroom training that includes vocal coaching, rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills so that they can successfully do their jobs.

Call center agents will get to know your business and I’m not just talking about from bullet points on a script. In-depth knowledge about your company will help turn a doubter into a lead.


3. Customized Scripts

Do your calling agents say the same thing to every prospect? Or can they adapt on the fly and engage the busy professionals on the other end of the call?

They can if they have the right script—a customized script that’s built specifically for your lead generation. Your script should be interesting, answer questions and prompt prospects into requesting more information.

Scripts should also always include a detailed page of Frequently Asked Questions, this way agents are prepared for anything a prospect may ask.

With a customized script that is built specifically for your lead generation efforts, agents will sound prepared and confident. As you know, confidence sells.


4. A Database-Building Campaign

You may have heard that lead generation isn’t just about calls—it’s about building relationships with multiple contacts. Maybe it starts with a single call, but where does it go from there?

With a multi-touch campaign strategy, you’ll build your database with every contact. From the first call that identifies the decision-maker, to the emails and follow-up calls that turn the prospect into a lead, you’ll accumulate actionable data and keep your CRM current.

The call center will keep you current with everything that is going on with your campaign. You can expect daily updates on every new lead, and weekly reports that show you where you should focus your resources.


5. Quality Assurance

You have a business to run which means that you shouldn’t have to monitor your call center too.

Find a call center that guarantees daily live agent monitoring, forecasting down to the hour, live real-time coaching and weekly agent evaluations. Does your call center conduct daily test calls? If not, how can they promise quality assurance you can rely on?

Finding a call center that promises quality assurance will lift a lot of weight off of your shoulders. This is a great way for call centers to hold their employees accountable and it will also guarantee that you receive the best service possible. 


6. Don’t Forget Inbound!

Business-to-business lead generation is mostly about outbound calls, but don’t forget the inbound side of the equation.

When prospects call you back, a well-trained inbound call center will make sure calls get routed correctly, questions get answered in full, and every inquiry gets satisfied. Inbound agents should be specifically trained to listen, help and build trust between callers and you.

Your call center should qualify leads, help convert leads into sales, and sales into bigger sales. 



Ask us how your call center can turbo-charge your lead generation.


Written by: Amy Schiller

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It seems like there are two kinds of sales managers in the world.

One kind asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads?”.

The other asks, “How do I get better telemarketing leads?”.

The sales manager who is asking how to get more telemarketing leads, may find the leads but they also may not be qualified.

The sales manager who is asking how to get better telemarketing leads may not be able to receive the desired amount.

That’s why we cannot deny the fact that there is a third kind of sales manager. This is the sales manager who is not happy with one or the other. He or she asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads, and make sure the ones I get are better?”.


Are you ready to become the third kind of sales manager? Follow these 5 tips.



Calling lists are a lot like tomatoes—the ones you can buy aren’t nearly as good as the ones you grow yourself.


Since the introduction of the national do-not-call registry, buying a worthwhile list for business-to-consumer marketing has become nearly impossible. Business-to-business lists are a different story, but they’re still random and inaccurate.


The million-dollar question is: How do you grow your own?

Start with anyone who has ever liked you on Facebook, commented on your LinkedIn posts, responded to one of your ads, or follows you on Twitter.


Better yet, ask your current customers. If every one of them gives you one name, that’s the best list you could hope for.

 No one likes cold calling, and people usually aren’t very good at things they don’t like doing.


Outsourced call centers are very, very good at cold calling. A top call center can execute up to 100 targeted dials per hour, pitching as many as 15 of them—quadruple what an average person can do.


Call center agents don’t just make a lot of calls. They’re professional and well-trained in rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills. Give them a good script, and they’ll turn doubters into qualified leads.

Do not just funnel leads to your sales teams. Make it a two-way pipeline, by consistently asking them which kinds of leads are getting the best results.


Your inside sales team can tell you which leads genuinely want to do business. And your outside sales force will tell you loud and clear when they need more or better leads. Engage them for more details. The better you understand their needs, the better you can make their leads.

Very few people are naturally good at telephone sales. The good ones get that way through practice—and the great ones’ practice by recording their calls, listening to what works and what doesn’t, and adapting their techniques accordingly.


Record your sales teams’ calls, and make sure you go over them together. You will see results.



By the way, top outsourced call centers routinely record their calls—and practice daily live agent monitoring—for training and quality control. That’s one reason they’re so effective.

You’ve probably heard the saying: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Measuring the effectiveness of your lead-generation techniques is a critical step toward making them better.

But what to measure?

Each step of your sales process probably creates a metric or two. Once you determine which ones matter the most, make sure you establish baseline numbers and attainable benchmarks. And hold everyone—in-house team members and outsourced call agents —to the same standards, backed by daily and weekly reports.


Here’s a quick question:

Which sales manager are you going to be?

1. The one that asks how to get MORE telemarketing leads

2. The one who asks how to get BETTERtelemarketing leads

3. The one who asks how to get MOREtelemarketing leads and making sure the ones you get are BETTER?


Ask us how an outsourced call center can get those lead numbers up—and make those leads better.



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The first time you meet someone, what’s the first thing that you do? I would assume, and hope, that you introduce yourself.


After the initial introduction, we don’t think to ourselves, “What can this person do for me?” They also don’t become the most important person in our life, because it takes trust and communication to get to that point.


If we believe that they can positively impact our lives, we continually make an effort to keep them in our lives. Sometimes they will end up becoming a loose connection or the connection gets lost completely.


When we think about a potential customer or client, the process is very similar. We become introduced to the company and then we evaluate the value that they could provide to us. Sometimes we keep the company in the back of our minds, sometimes we drop the company completely and other times we make a purchase without thinking twice.


Leads can be found through email, social media, a request for a quote, a visit to a web page and many other ways.


The question is how do we turn that lead into a sale? 

1. Be prepared


The lead should already know a little bit about the company and the services it provides. Before calling and furthering their knowledge about the company, gather information about them too.


Find out what their current situation is so that you can understand more about what they would be looking for from your company. There must be a reason that they requested more information.


Also, be prepared to answer questions about your company that they may have. It could be along the lines of why your services cost more than competitors, the advantages that your company has over competitors, or the impact of the services your company provides.


QCSS Quick Tip


Research, research, research


  • Gather as much information about the lead that you can. This will be extremely valuable on the call.


Don’t be afraid to answer the tough questions


  • It’s a good sign that the lead is so interested in your product or service. Answer questions with confidence.

2. Pick up the phone


The faster the response time when calling the lead, the better chance is that you’ll land the sale. The best way to contact someone who is interested in doing business with you is on the phone.


Calling a lead can help you develop a personal connection. Sending over an email before calling the lead will cause an uneasy feeling about the business that you provide. This is especially true if you are going to be handling clients and customers for them.


A lead wants to know that the product or service you have to offer is the best choice for their company. To show them that you’re interested in starting a relationship with them too, make the connection personal by picking up the phone and formally introducing your company.


QCSS Quick Tip


Don’t overwhelm the prospect


  • If the prospect doesn’t answer the phone call, leave a message and let them know when you will call back again. Make the call a few days after the initial call so that they don’t become too overwhelmed with your eagerness.


Enter the conversation with confidence


  • Know who you’re talking to and the position that they hold in the company. This way, calling the lead won’t be so intimidating.

3. Solve the problem


As mentioned in the first tip, do your research about the company. Evaluate the situation and find out how your business can help the prospect.


Find specific issues that the company is currently having and highlight services that your company can provide that’ll improve business.


Focus on finding out more information about the lead. Doing this will help you to find solutions for the problems and will allow you to provide more insight about what your company has to offer to them.


QCSS Quick Tip


Don’t tell the lead the issues you see at the company


  • Chances are, they already know


Ask questions


  • Find out more about the company because some things could have been overlooked which would lead to missed opportunity


4. Follow-up quickly


Maybe your lead said that they didn’t have any interest in your product or service at the moment, but mentioned that they may in the future. Or, it could be that you’re just trying to stay on the top of the mind of your client.


Regardless, you should always follow-up with your leads after the initial phone call.


If the prospect said that they would like to learn more about the company, send them an invite for a conference call with you and another person in the company. If the lead mentioned that they may be interested in your product or service down the line, ask to add them to your email marketing list.


QCSS Quick Tip


Make the follow-up simple, short and useful


Be direct


5. Focus on email marketing


When talking to leads on the phone, ask them if they would like to be added to your email marketing list. This allows leads to receive more information about your company without feeling like they need to make a decision with your company right away.


Emails also leave the opportunity for your leads to gather more information that could have been missed on a phone call, follow-up email or even on the website. It allows consumers to receive more information about the company without having to dig in order to find it.


Email marketing is also a great opportunity to share content with subscribers and highlight products and services that leads may not know you offer.


QCSS Quick Tip

Put testimonials in your emails

  • This will help customers or clients trust your brand


Converting leads into sales is not an easy process. It takes time, patience and trust to get to that point. It’s important to focus on what you can be doing to get leads to convert.

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The team at QCSS has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales.



Written by: Amy Schiller

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The phone’s ringing in your office. You’re finishing up an email. Somebody walks into the office with an important question regarding a client. You have a meeting in fifteen minutes and have to be ready to pitch the newest marketing plan.

You send the email and answer the question regarding the client. You pull up the presentation on the computer to review before the pitch in front of other executives. You clear your mind for two seconds before reaching over to pick up the ringing telephone. Right as you pick up the phone, you hear a long buzzing sound.

You just missed a phone call from a qualified lead because you have too many other things flying onto your desk and occupying your mind. You look over at the black landline phone that’s sitting on your desk.

Fifteen missed calls.

Five new messages.

Thirty new emails within the past ten minutes.

A presentation to pitch in what is now, five minutes.

Your coworker walks into your office and mentions an email that you haven’t answered from three days ago. “You’re slacking,” they say completely joking but this time it just sets you off.

How do these people not see the immense effort you’re putting in to help this business succeed yet whatever you do is never good enough? You’re expected to pitch a new marketing plan that you’ve barely had any time to work on because it feels like you’re playing catch up every day you walk into work.

The free dictionary defines slack off as:

  1. To decrease in activity of intensity.

  2. To work less intensely than is required or expected.

You don’t feel like you’re slacking off. You just feel like you have too much on your plate to get everything done.

Nobody likes to hear that they’re slacking but every so often we hear those words come out of somebody’s mouth and it makes us want to cringe.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can QCSS pick up my “slack”? Well, to be honest, it’s a pretty simple answer.

At QCSS, SLACK stands for Sales, Lead generation, Answering service, Customer service and support and Knowledgebase and help desk.


The S in SLACK, stand for sales. Sales are a crucial part of any business model. Most likely, you’ve heard of or have seen a sales funnel before and you know how it works. There’s a reason that many people refer to sales funnels when talking about company goals. It’s because a business can’t run without the knowledge of a sales funnel and how a consumer makes its way through the funnel.

At QCSS, we want to help you get your consumers and leads through the sales funnel. With the outbound and inbound services that we provide, your company can receive a higher number of qualified leads, increased sales, and profits, reduced costs per sale, increased number of appointments and many other benefits.

We can help you accomplish goals for your company by doing things that you don’t have the time to do. Those people who are calling into your business can have questions answered in seconds rather than days. You won’t have to deal with missed calls or listen to voicemails that don’t even pertain to anything that you do.

With a telemarketing company, each day you should receive a recap of all the leads, sales and appointments that were generated for the day. You should also receive weekly reports for your review and analysis which will help your company generate more qualified leads.

If you are slacking on landing sales because you have so many other things on your plate, then it’s time to seriously consider outsourcing a company that can help you turn these leads into clients or customers.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, a word that gets passed around like stuffing at Thanksgiving. There are so many people that have mounds of information about lead generation and how it works.

We’re going to keep it simple. You probably heard me say the word “qualified leads” a couple of times already. No, it’s not just a matter of sticking the word qualified in front of leads to make ourselves sound like we know what we’re talking about.

There are many different ways that lead generation works. At QCSS, we look for qualified leads. This means that we want to help your company find and reach out to strangers and prospects that have shown interest in your company. We use experienced proven strategies to consistently generate leads that will be useful to your company right now and in the future.

There are going to be times when leads are going to tell you that at this moment, they don’t need your product or service but they may in the future.

QCSS can help with lead generation because we also offer appointment setting. This means that in a couple of months when your company wants to reach back out to that potential lead, we won’t forget and neither will you.

These strategies are going to work best because they keep your company on the top of your leads minds.

Answering Service

QCSS picks up the slack by offering answering services.

How will an answering service benefit your company and help you pick up the slack? Great question!

Outsourcing an answering service can be extremely beneficial to your company and it will encourage you to avoid slacking on more important tasks by decreasing interruptions, avoiding missed calls and supporting organization in the office.

When customers call into your company, most people want to talk to a live person. It’s aggravating getting directed to a voicemail and never receiving a call back. It’s aggravating having to push 50 buttons on the phone until you hear a voice talking back to you on the phone that isn’t an automated message. Customers get aggravated when they don’t get a direct response and when they have to sit on the phone for hours in order to get the answers that they are looking for.

QCSS offers an answering service to take stress off of you and your customers or clients.

Here’s a question, have you ever thought about how many calls come into your office for business that is not tracked for inquiries, leads, and conversion into sales? Maybe people are calling from a different time zone.

The number one reason a new potential buyer of your product of service will find another provider is due to lack of immediate attention, making them feel as if their call and ultimately their business doesn’t matter to your or your company.

Don’t let this be the reason that clients and customers are getting away. Be proactive about the issue. Even though it doesn’t feel that you’re slacking customers and clients may think that you are.

Customer Service and Support

QCSS picks up the slack by offering customer service and support. One subject that we frequently talk about in our blog is customer service and support and why it is so valuable. (Check out these four simple things that can keep your customers happy)

QCSS offers customer service and support because we know how difficult it can be to stay on top of these jobs when a company is becoming overwhelmed with calls and emails.

Customer service and support is not something that companies can risk messing around with. One wrong move can send clients and customers running in the opposite direction and sometimes taking others with them.

Make sure that all your clients and customers are serviced to the fullest with the inbound customer services that QCSS can provide.

If you are slacking in the customer service department it’s probably time to take a step back and reevaluate your company mission. Awful customer service and support can ruin a company. There are many examples of companies that have gone under from bad customer service so it’s in your best interest to pick up the slack before it is too late.

Your competitors are waiting for you to fail so show them that the word isn’t even in your vocabulary.

Knowledgebase and Help Desk

QCSS picks up the SLACK by offering a knowledgebase and help desk services.

It’s time to figure out if the help desk you have right now is actually helping your business or hurting it. (Click here for a guide on finding a help desk that wants to help your business succeed)

QCSS offers the highest level of support for your products and services. Every time somebody calls in with a question about your company, QCSS seamlessly and promptly answers the phone to give your customers the attention they demand and deserve.

You may be wondering how QCSS can pick up the slack by providing a knowledgebase and help desk. Well, QCSS can answer your customers and clients questions and concerns that you don’t have time to answer. Think about how often people are on the phone waiting for someone at your company to pick up just to get an answer to a simple question.

A knowledgebase or a help desk does an impeccable job at finding answers to questions before they are even at the surface.

That is how QCSS picks up the SLACK. We offer a service that not a lot of people can offer. We have an intelligent team standing behind us who is always going to be looking out for the better of your company.

If you are looking into outsourcing a help desk, chances are that your help desk you have right now isn’t working out for you or your company is overflowing with phone calls and there aren’t enough hands to answer the phone.

This means that you’re slacking and you may be losing clients and customers due to the fact that questions and concerns aren’t being answered promptly or clearly from your team.







At QCSS,"Where the only call that matters is yours" every time the phone rings, we answer seamlessly as your company promptly to give the customer the attention they demand and deserve.




For more information, visit http://www.qcssinc.com/or call (888) 229-7046.







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