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Here's some quick, simple advice from the coolest call center you know! 




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Who enjoys sitting on the phone for five hours just to be disconnected before reaching a live person?

If “Top 10 Complaints of 2017” was a real thing, we know that this would be in the top 5. (Although, it does fall as number 5 on this top 10 consumer complaints list)


We personally know somebody who hasn’t had their cable service working properly for almost a month. Sitting on the phone for even an hour isn’t an option, let alone five.




1.       Most people work full time and by the time they get home from work the LAST thing they want to do is sit on the phone for hours hoping to talk to a live customer service representative.

2.       Spending quality time with family and friends becomes a priority over sitting on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

3.       Nobody wants to sit on the phone for that long, especially if they don’t even think their problem will be resolved by the end of the phone call.



The list can go on... but, what’s the solution?


1.       Sit on the phone and hope for the best

2.       Cancel the service and find a new provider


Moral of the story?

Consumers want to be able to reach your company anywhere, anytime, at their convenience and FAST.


Your solution?

Technology, innovation and an amazing customer service team that will allow your consumers to reach you at all times.


Here are 5 ways that your consumers should be able to contact you in 2018:


1. Email

This should be a given.

Sometimes customers have simple questions that can be answered via email. The issue could be anything from forgetting a username and password in order to access account information to answering frequently asked questions.

It’s a solution that can leave the tough customer service issues to frontline agents in a call center.


2. Social Media

If you’re looking to increase the speed of response to customers, this will be your holy grail. It’s a bit quicker than email which makes it even more convenient for consumers.


- Facebook makes it extremely easy for consumers to book appointments and ask questions about your company.

- Twitter is largely used for FAQ and customer service issues.

- LinkedIn and Instagram are also sites that can help with this but aren’t as customer service centric as the other two networks.


P.S. Be ready for any and all questions. People reach out to us on our Facebook page to set up introduction phone calls or just to acknowledge our witty and engaging content. Be ready to have a response to everything.


3. Phone Number

The beloved phone, a great customer service tool that will never go out of style.

No consumer is ever going to use email or social media to take care of an emergency. So, for all of those saying that the telephone is dying, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Upselling, cross-selling, customer engagement, platform support, and lead capturing are all going to work the best over the phone.


4. Live Chat

Some companies use a live chat as an extension on their website. This can be useful because it can pop up the second that someone enters your webpage. It can also sit at the bottom of your webpage as an option for consumers.

Facebook has this as an option too. It’s useful, cost-effective and improves customer satisfaction.  


5. Contact form

You can never go wrong with a good contact form. This should be somewhere on your website, easily accessible and straightforward.

A name, phone number, email address, with a place to leave their message should be sufficient if you are a business-to-consumer company.

If you are working with other business, we recommend adding a place for the company name and the person’s title along with the information mentioned above.


You can offer the best cable packages in the entire world, but that won’t matter unless you integrate the highest quality customer service. Whether it’s online, customer forums, in person or on the phone, your consumers want to talk to you. Serve your customers, provide reliable and consistent service, and exceed their expectations.


You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.

- Jerry Fritz -


Written by: Amy Schiller

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Not too long ago, we had a conversation with a prospect who was contemplating an outsourced call center because their sales staff was spending too much time on the phone.


We asked, “Are they handling mostly inbound or outbound calls?”


They didn’t know. In fact, they weren’t even clear on the difference!


Many people like you are using telemarketing as a reliable service to introduce their business to prospects or to handle call overflow. In general, inbound calls are about safeguarding the business you already have, while outbound calls are about growing that business.


Before deciding which one is appropriate for your business needs, it’s important to know that there’s more to inbound and outbound calls than the direction of the call.


Inbound Calls: Listening, Helping and Building Trust

When someone calls your business, it’s a commitment of their time. Cleary, they are interested in what you have to offer. A superior inbound call center will use this as an opportunity to listen, help and build trust between the caller and your business.


Some key roles your inbound call center should fulfill:

·         Customer service Around 50% of all inbound calls concerns customer service from simple questions to complex troubleshooting. Make sure they get what they need because satisfied customers are your number one source of new leads!

·         Direct advertising response When someone responds to your ads, you need well-trained inbound specialists to answer their questions and convert that lead into a sale.

·         Professional answering service Routing inbound calls to the correct department will help your operation run smoothly and saves potential customers from the annoyance of being stuck on hold or transferred over and over.

·         Lead qualification and upselling People don’t always know what they want, even if they think they do! Well-trained inbound specialists help convert leads into sales, and sales into bigger sales.


Your inbound call center should help callers feel that their time and concerns matter to your business. Answering their questions, solving their concerns and fulfilling their requests builds that trust.


Outbound Calls: Lead Generation, Sales, and Research

A call from your company may be the first time an outsider ever hears from you. A top outbound call center will make that first contact count by generating leads, converting leads into sales, and gathering the information your business thrives on.


Some key roles your outbound call center fulfills:

·         Lead generation well-trained outbound call campaign is a seamless extension of your sales team, executing up to 100 targeted dials per hour and pitching as many as 15 of them—quadruple what an average person can do. And you should always get full daily and weekly reports with the results.

·         Sales Reach out to prospects and customers with custom-scripted outbound calls. Convert leads into sales, upsell, cross-sell and make sure everyone gets the information they request.

·         Database maintenance Your lists are only as good as their most current information. Keep your CRM updated with outbound calling and data entry.

·         Market research Why rely on the same research everyone else is using? Stay on top of the latest trends affecting your business—and compile your own, proprietary data—with custom outbound surveys.



Knowing the difference between inbound and outbound calls is critical to keeping your customers satisfied and helping your sales team hit their potential.  Ask us how call centers help grow your business.


Post written by: Amy Schiller

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To solve a problem stop thinking about it:

When you’re trying to come up with a creative solution to a problem, you might be tempted to buckle down and focus until you solve it. But recent research shows that taking breaks at regular intervals leads to better outcomes.

Set a timer for a certain amount of time, say, 30 minutes.

When it goes off, switch tasks:

Organize your reimbursement receipts, check your email, or clean your desk, and then return to the original task.

If you’re hesitant to stop because you feel that you’re on a roll, you should take a break anyway:

We tend to come up with redundant ideas when we don’t take regular breaks, so ask yourself whether your latest ideas are as great as they seem.

And don’t feel guilty about taking breaks. Doing so may actually be the best use of your time.


Source: Adapted from “To Be More Creative, Schedule Your Breaks,” by Jackson G. Lu, Modupe Akinola, and Malia Mason https://lnkd.in/eY29Sdp

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New platforms, websites, and software are popping up on a continuous basis, and businesses are taking major advantage. With the boom of social media, there is no shortage of ways to market your business.

Today’s businesses can thrive off telemarketing leads, especially when using methods with a well-managed marketing plan.

Let’s talk about 5 reasons that you should commit to telemarketing.


Why Commit to Telemarketing?

To Give Your Brand the Voice It Deserves

How often do you hear marketing agencies talk about the importance of developing a voice for your brand?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get your brand to have one familiar voice, especially if you have an entire marketing team working on content and promotional materials.




Telemarketing will give your business, products, and services a human voice. One of many reasons that businesses decide to begin a telemarketing campaign is because the phone can be more personable than social media platforms.

To See Immediate Results

Whether it be an inbound or an outbound campaign, telemarketing can bring quick results if you do it right.

On the phone, you know that you have the attention of your clients and customers.  This means that the chances of scoring a meeting or another phone call to introduce your product or service are higher.



With a strong telemarketing campaign and a dedicated team, you can see results almost immediately depending on the purpose of the campaign. Want more leads or to set more appointments for your business? Results can be seen within weeks of launching the campaign.


To Receive More Qualified Leads

Not every single person you call during your campaign is going to love your business but that’s life and you can’t always please everyone.

This means that sometimes people are going to ask you to remove them from the call list. Having this happen can sometimes feel like a failure but in fact, it’s the opposite.



If you want qualified leads to end up in your sales pipeline then this feedback from consumers is almost necessary. This process allows you to remove unqualified leads from your marketing efforts so that you can nurture relationships with more qualified leads.

To Raise Brand Awareness

The phone calls that your telemarketing team makes and receives can help your business develop lasting impressions with customers and prospects. When done correctly, telemarketing can result in additional leads as well as increase brand loyalty and awareness.



Besides the obvious benefits like customer recognition, customer loyalty, and enhanced credibility, committing to telemarketing to improve brand awareness will land you more leads for your company in your specific target market.

What more could you possibly ask for?


To Stay Connected the Old-Fashioned Way

Older technology has remained a critical part of B2B and B2C communication. When someone has an urgent issue with a product or service, what do they do? Call the company to get everything resolved.

Why? A phone call is a quick and easy solution. As long as it doesn’t turn into the customer or client being put on hold for hours.



Having a live person making outbound calls and receiving inbound calls shows your customers and clients that they matter to you. Instead of waiting hours for a solution, they have the opportunity to call in and resolve the issue within minutes.

Don’t neglect telesales as a possible way to increase your business. It has worked for many years and continues to be an extremely successful business tool.


The Outsourcing Advantage

So, the next decision that you will have to make is whether to keep this telemarketing commitment in-house or to outsource your needs.

Outsourcing your telemarketing can be a distinct advantage for your business.

Outsourcing allows your business to:


- Focus on core business activities

- Rely on experienced telemarketing professionals to expand your customer base and sales funnel

- Free capital for research and development, advertising and other aspects of your business as needed.

- Reduce overhead expenses

- Increase sales and profits


If you are looking to see what a quality telemarketing agency can do for business lead generation, we would love to have a conversation with you.


Post written by: Amy Schiller




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It seems like there are two kinds of sales managers in the world.

One kind asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads?”.

The other asks, “How do I get better telemarketing leads?”.

The sales manager who is asking how to get more telemarketing leads, may find the leads but they also may not be qualified.

The sales manager who is asking how to get better telemarketing leads may not be able to receive the desired amount.

That’s why we cannot deny the fact that there is a third kind of sales manager. This is the sales manager who is not happy with one or the other. He or she asks, “How do I get more telemarketing leads, and make sure the ones I get are better?”.


Are you ready to become the third kind of sales manager? Follow these 5 tips.



Calling lists are a lot like tomatoes—the ones you can buy aren’t nearly as good as the ones you grow yourself.


Since the introduction of the national do-not-call registry, buying a worthwhile list for business-to-consumer marketing has become nearly impossible. Business-to-business lists are a different story, but they’re still random and inaccurate.


The million-dollar question is: How do you grow your own?

Start with anyone who has ever liked you on Facebook, commented on your LinkedIn posts, responded to one of your ads, or follows you on Twitter.


Better yet, ask your current customers. If every one of them gives you one name, that’s the best list you could hope for.

 No one likes cold calling, and people usually aren’t very good at things they don’t like doing.


Outsourced call centers are very, very good at cold calling. A top call center can execute up to 100 targeted dials per hour, pitching as many as 15 of them—quadruple what an average person can do.


Call center agents don’t just make a lot of calls. They’re professional and well-trained in rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills. Give them a good script, and they’ll turn doubters into qualified leads.

Do not just funnel leads to your sales teams. Make it a two-way pipeline, by consistently asking them which kinds of leads are getting the best results.


Your inside sales team can tell you which leads genuinely want to do business. And your outside sales force will tell you loud and clear when they need more or better leads. Engage them for more details. The better you understand their needs, the better you can make their leads.

Very few people are naturally good at telephone sales. The good ones get that way through practice—and the great ones’ practice by recording their calls, listening to what works and what doesn’t, and adapting their techniques accordingly.


Record your sales teams’ calls, and make sure you go over them together. You will see results.



By the way, top outsourced call centers routinely record their calls—and practice daily live agent monitoring—for training and quality control. That’s one reason they’re so effective.

You’ve probably heard the saying: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Measuring the effectiveness of your lead-generation techniques is a critical step toward making them better.

But what to measure?

Each step of your sales process probably creates a metric or two. Once you determine which ones matter the most, make sure you establish baseline numbers and attainable benchmarks. And hold everyone—in-house team members and outsourced call agents —to the same standards, backed by daily and weekly reports.


Here’s a quick question:

Which sales manager are you going to be?

1. The one that asks how to get MORE telemarketing leads

2. The one who asks how to get BETTERtelemarketing leads

3. The one who asks how to get MOREtelemarketing leads and making sure the ones you get are BETTER?


Ask us how an outsourced call center can get those lead numbers up—and make those leads better.



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Eclipse Select Soccer Club now offers twenty-four-hour customer service with the help of QCSS

DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – Quality Customer Service and Sales (QCSS) a full-service contact center in Deer Park, Ill., is proud to officially announce that it offers inbound call coverage to the Eclipse Select Soccer Club.

In the beginning of April, QCSS and Eclipse Select Soccer Club announced they had formed a partnership in which QCSS would be assisting Eclipse Select with customer service, promoting the brand and club events when possible, all while improving lines of communication for the club. The number for Eclipse Select Soccer Club is now 224-206-5580 and can also be found at http://www.eclipseselect.org/page/show/1104160-staff-and-club-contacts .

“We are very excited to provide such an outstanding 24/7 call service to improve interactions with current club members and potential future customers,” Eclipse Select Executive Director, Cindy Mochel said. “Having an answering service will expedite response times for the club and we look forward to the positive effect that it will have on our customer service.”

“Forming this partnership shows both commitments to be the very best and how we are serving our communities. QCSS will be the exclusive voice of the club, #ANSWERINGTHECALL for Eclipse 24/7.” Cathy Karabetsos, President and CEO QCSS, Inc. proudly shared.

“The improved communication goes hand-in-hand with Eclipse mission:  Committed to Excellence. The future looks very bright and it looks a lot like our two organizations,” Karabetsos added.


QCSS and Eclipse Select have aligned as partners on a mission to serve. Eclipse is the very best in club soccer in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and notably one of the best in the country. QCSS is a premier provider of inbound customer support and sales, an outsource solution for companies of any size desiring growth and the best-in-class customer success and support.




For the latest Eclipse Select news, visit EclipseSelect.org

About QCSS

QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. The team has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales.

To learn more about QCSS, contact President/CEO Cathy Karabetsos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 1-888-229-7046. Visit QCSS at www.qcssinc.com

For QCSS media inquiries:


Contact Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 1-888-229-7046.

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QCSS Smart Center


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Deer Park, IL 60010                                                                                       

(888) 229-7046





New Jobs Created and Sharing the Love 2017


DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – The mission at QCSS has always been to build the local and national economy. In 2017, QCSS is adding to that mission. For each new piece of business QCSS receives this year, they will also be giving back to not-for-profits and charities.


The 2017 mission of QCSS has turned into “Sharing The Love.”


The first donation from QCSS was made on January 6, 2017, to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Since then, QCSS has also donated to Operation Smile and Paralyzed Veterans of America. Along with these donations to charity, QCSS managed to create 3 jobs.


“We know that charities and not-for-profits rely on donations to reach their impact goals each year, and we wanted to find a way to help in 2017,” said Christina Karabetsos, Vice President of QCSS. “We thought, ‘what better way to contribute than to share, with each of our internal wins?’ We shared this idea with our team, and the response we received back was heartwarming. We’ve learned a lot about issues and causes that are important to the entire team.”


The QCSS company philosophy is “Treat people as we like to be treated – to love others and show them kindness, compassion, and respect in all our dealing – 24/7.”  Adding not-for-profits and charities into the company mission for 2017 only makes sense.


“Beyond reaching revenue, new account, and job creation targets, we now have impact goals for 2017. It has made each sale win thus far meaningful, and we are so excited to track our impact throughout the remainder of the year,” added Christina.





QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. The team at QCSS embraces communication and innovation to transform human interactions into powerful and passionate customer experiences. QCSS currently provides outbound and inbound telesales, appointment setting and lead generation solutions. For more information, visit www.qcssinc.com or call (888) 229-7046.


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 “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” –Bill Gates

Merriam-Webster defines a leader as a person who leads. This is a vague definition which can lead many to believe that they are a leader.


One can lead by example and another can lead by sitting in a chair and telling others what to do. We can throw around the definition of leader around like a quarterback throws around a football, practically anywhere and fast.


Being a leader means you have to be willing to accept criticism and it also means that you have to make decisions that others don’t agree with. Being a leader means that you have to look out for the best interest in others and yourself, just like a quarterback.


Being considered a leader is a huge compliment but being considered a leader also means that sometimes you have to take a step back. Leaders give the opportunity for others to succeed while preparing themselves to take the blame when they don’t.


You’re probably wondering what taking a step back has to do with being a leader? A lot actually, if you’re considering taking a step back, you’re probably considered a leader to other people who work for you.


To Receive Appreciation


Taking a step back in the company may be a great opportunity to receive some appreciation. Sometimes, things in the office get rough. Everywhere you turn, there are people asking you to produce more work than you’re capable of handling.


Papers are flying out of your hands and emails are flying into your mailbox. It’s easy to go under appreciated. Some people don’t understand half of what you’re doing to keep the company running smoothly. Taking a step back can allow others to accomplish tasks on their own that they usually ask you to help with. Co-workers and fellow employees will begin to appreciate all you have done to keep things together.


So You Can Learn to Appreciate


Just as others have forgotten to appreciate you, taking a step back will give you an opportunity to appreciate yourself and others around you. Take this time to thank people around you for everything they do.


Did somebody save you from sending out an email with an awful spelling error? Thank them because your job was almost on the line. Did somebody take on your work while you were away on vacation? Thank them because without them you wouldn’t have been able to spend time with your family. Never forget to appreciate the people who surround you especially because it is such an easy trap to fall into.


To Create Opportunity


Taking a step back in the company can create opportunities for other people to stand out. It’s a chance for you to put things in the hands of other people and to relax a little.


At first, this will not be easy. You’re probably a perfectionist and that’s why you have experienced so much success in the company. It’s hard to resist yourself from being a company control freak. Taking a step back allows a chance for others to prove to you that they are capable of doing a great job too.


To Confirm Trust in Others


As mentioned, it’s extremely difficult to let go of something you’re used to having complete control over. It’s hard to say goodbye to the daily tweets you’re so accustomed to sending out on your own.


Giving another person the ability to take over an important job confirms that you trust them to succeed. It allows others to believe that you think they can do just as great of a job. Taking a step back gives other people in the company the ability to live up to your expectations.


Leaders always look for ways to help others grow.


To Learn How to Trust


Not only does taking a step back confirm trust, but it can teach you how to trust also. If you are higher up in a company, you must trust others in order for your business to be successful.


Think about it like a restaurant. The owner or the manager must trust their servers to tend to customers to the best of their ability. The same thing works in a corporation. Managers and owners must be able to trust others in the company to produce their best work. Taking a step back allows you to learn how to trust others with work.


Because You Aren’t the Only One


You are not the only person who can do your job. Other people are capable of running accounts the same way that you are. Teach others and show them how you are so good at what you do.


Your position can be filled and although you probably love what you do, somebody else probably loves it just as much as you. So keep your job, but allow others to learn from you. Some day you aren’t going to be able to run the company anymore and you need somebody to be able to step into your shoes and produce amazing work.


To Gain New Insight


Taking a step back in the company can bring new insights. Somebody who is working for you may see something that you look past every single day. This is why it’s a great idea to step back for a little bit.


It’s easy to overlook the one thing your company needs to succeed. It could’ve been sitting in front of you for months but you didn’t have time to realize how great of a tool it was because you were so caught up in everything else. When you allow others to do what you do, they can bring new insights to the table.


So You Can Learn to Love Again


Taking a step back does not mean that you can never take on more tasks again. Maybe you will enjoy not having as much control or maybe you’ll fall in love with your career again. There are many benefits to taking a step back and letting other people become leaders. This is how your company is going to grow so learn to trust your co-workers and the people working under you.

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