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Eclipse Select Soccer Club now offers twenty-four-hour customer service with the help of QCSS

DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – Quality Customer Service and Sales (QCSS) a full-service contact center in Deer Park, Ill., is proud to officially announce that it offers inbound call coverage to the Eclipse Select Soccer Club.

In the beginning of April, QCSS and Eclipse Select Soccer Club announced they had formed a partnership in which QCSS would be assisting Eclipse Select with customer service, promoting the brand and club events when possible, all while improving lines of communication for the club. The number for Eclipse Select Soccer Club is now 224-206-5580 and can also be found at http://www.eclipseselect.org/page/show/1104160-staff-and-club-contacts .

“We are very excited to provide such an outstanding 24/7 call service to improve interactions with current club members and potential future customers,” Eclipse Select Executive Director, Cindy Mochel said. “Having an answering service will expedite response times for the club and we look forward to the positive effect that it will have on our customer service.”

“Forming this partnership shows both commitments to be the very best and how we are serving our communities. QCSS will be the exclusive voice of the club, #ANSWERINGTHECALL for Eclipse 24/7.” Cathy Karabetsos, President and CEO QCSS, Inc. proudly shared.

“The improved communication goes hand-in-hand with Eclipse mission:  Committed to Excellence. The future looks very bright and it looks a lot like our two organizations,” Karabetsos added.


QCSS and Eclipse Select have aligned as partners on a mission to serve. Eclipse is the very best in club soccer in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and notably one of the best in the country. QCSS is a premier provider of inbound customer support and sales, an outsource solution for companies of any size desiring growth and the best-in-class customer success and support.




For the latest Eclipse Select news, visit EclipseSelect.org

About QCSS

QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. The team has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales.

To learn more about QCSS, contact President/CEO Cathy Karabetsos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 1-888-229-7046. Visit QCSS at www.qcssinc.com

For QCSS media inquiries:


Contact Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 1-888-229-7046.

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A three-run lead and four more outs until the Cubs did something some fans never thought they would see in their lifetime. Then, Brandon Guyer hits a run-scoring double. Not the most ideal situation but it did not mean the end.


Rajai Davis, playing for the Cleveland Indians, steps up to the plate and does the unimaginable. He hits a home run that brings in two runs. Tie game.

Silence filled bars and houses all over Chicago. Unless you are a White Sox fan of course but even some of them joined Cubs nation for the end of the season.


Cut to the locker room.


“We’re the best team in baseball, and we’re the best team in baseball for a reason. Now we’re going to show it. We play like the score is nothing-nothing. We’ve got to stay positive and fight for your brothers. Stick together and we’re going to win this game.” (Source)


That is the memorable speech that Jason Heyward gave in the locker room during the 17-minute rain delay of Game 7.


That night, the Chicago Cubs proved that they have something a lot of teams do not. Whether you are on a field, in a locker room or in an office, the Cubs have set some great examples of what it takes to be a team. 




How many years has it been since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?


On that November 2nd night, the answer to that question went from 108 to zero.


What can this teach other organizations and businesses? Patience is a virtue.



It’s going to take a while for things to click but success is not out of reach. The Cubs showed that you can do anything that you set your mind to as long as you accept that what you’re going through is a journey and not a race.



108 years made the win that night feel like the best thing in the world. The process was long but success doesn’t happen overnight.



When it feels like things are never going to work out keep your eye on the goal and your head in the game. It will all come together.




There are days when it feels like the world is against us. I’m guessing that’s how the team felt when Rajai Davis hit the home run that tied the game.



Then the rain delay, another sign that maybe it just wasn’t their year. That was until faith brought the Cubs together as a team to take home the trophy.



|“Stick together we’re going to win this game.”


Jason Heyward gave uplifting advice to his team in the locker room during the delay that some will say saved the game for the Cubs.


What any business can learn from Heyward is that you have to believe in yourself and your team in order to come out on top. When things are rough and when the world feels like it’s falling at your feet, lift your head up and believe. Be a leader.


That is what will make all the difference, just like it did for the Cubs.



Enjoy the process

It does not only have to do with the players on the field. It has to do with the coaches, management and the entire Cubs organization.



Executives had to make some of the toughest decisions of their careers. Some of the decisions left fans and staff unhappy. People were let go because of their choices and others were promoted. In the end, all decisions were made for the better of the team.



Players put in work throughout their childhoods, high school careers, college days and in the minors to get to play on that field and to bring the trophy to Chicago.


The lesson here is that even when we feel like our work is not paying off, it eventually will. Learn to enjoy the process so that it does not feel like such a struggle.



Acknowledge the setbacks and embrace the blood, sweat, and tears.


That feeling of failure is what will push you out of your comfort zone and forward.



Nobody carries the team

My grandfather could re-watch that game 100 times and still point out every single thing that went wrong. When my dad called him that night after the Cubs won it all, to say that he was mad would be an understatement.



He was so upset with how the team played that game that he did not even want to talk to my dad on the phone. I’m sure for the couple minutes that he did, nothing but foul language came out of his mouth.



A lesson that any business could learn from my grandfather is that nobody carries the team on their back.



One player couldn’t change the outcome of that game but the entire team could.



When things aren’t going right, do not start nitpicking every little thing that went wrong.



If you lose a sale, save yourself the struggle of trying to figure out how you could have landed it. Just focus on the next big thing. Correct the mistake if possible and if you cannot then move on.



If the Cubs looked back on every single mistake they made that night in the locker room during the rain delay, there is no chance they would have won that game. Instead, they focused on what they knew, they were the best team in baseball and they were going to win it all.



Look what happened.



Do not make this about yourself


|“I thought about all the people in Chicago and how much this meant to them.”


Anthony Rizzo knew that the November 2nd night wasn’t only about the endless practices and exhausting offseason training sessions. He knew that the sacrifices he had been making his career as a Cub wasn’t only for himself, it was for the fans too.



Some fans turned off their TV’s because they didn’t want to watch 108 years turn into 109 years. There were tears. Anxiety filled bars all around the United States.



The players knew how much this night meant to every single Chicago Cubs fan.



So, the next time you feel like you want to give up, remember why you started.



Who encouraged you to become an entrepreneur? Who encouraged you to take that promotion within the company that has caused your hair to turn gray?



You have fans too. You have people standing behind you and believing in you, just like the Cubs did and still do.


When you feel like giving up, do not make it about yourself. Do not give up because it will be easier for you. Do not give up because you think you will be less stressed.


Keep pushing because it is not about you, it is about your fans.



Answer the Call

The Chicago Cubs had the motivation, remained competitive, fought for each other, had goals, never gave up, believed in the organization, were leaders, and lastly believed in one another.


Because of all of those qualities, they won the World Series at last.



This story is one that people will pass down for generations. It is a story of how the lovable losers became the comeback Cubs.




A number that no longer represents the long drought the Chicago Cubs went through. A number that now tells a story about an organization that proved they had what it takes to answer the call.



We have an entire campaign around #AnsweringTheCall and many athletes make the list of people who answer the call. The entire Chicago Cubs organization made the list. 


Click here to learn more about other athletes who answer the call.




For more information about QCSS, visit www.qcssinc.com or call (888) 229-7046.





All quotes from: https://www.si.com/mlb/2016/11/03/world-series-cubs-indians-game-7


Written by: Amy Schiller

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#AnsweringTheCall sounds easy until you’re the one being asked to do it.

Athletes around the world are being asked to answer the call every day. Of course, we’ve seen athletes show up to a press conference only because they didn’t want to be fined. We’ve also seen athletes make bad decisions that lead to jail or even death because of them. Athletes are humans but when they’re in the spotlight we tend to hold them to a different standard.

This April, QCSS decided to recognize some athletes who proved that #AnsweringTheCall is no easy task, but it is impactful. They have found a way to use the platforms they have in order to answer the call and make a difference in their communities. 

Check out what #AnsweringTheCall means to QCSS and how these athletes fit perfectly into the mold.

Having the motivation to become better at what you do every single day.

Bricks and Ivy Ball raises $2.2M (Source)

This month the Chicago Cubs raised $2.2 million for their foundation at the Bricks and Ivy Ball. The money will benefit a children’s fitness program, an initiative to build and renovate baseball fields and playgrounds through the city, and the team’s scholars program.

The reason that QCSS chose the Chicago Cubs as an organization that is #AnsweringTheCall is because many players show up to the event to support the charity which shows that the team wants to see the community around them improve.

It’s great to point out that Matt Szczur’s painting of teammates Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant sold for $35,000. This is one important player trying to make a difference in the organization.

The Chicago Cubs organization showed that they have the ability to answer the call by motivating each other in order to become better at what they do every single day. Not to mention, they won a world series after 108 years by #AnsweringTheCall.

Remaining competitive in whatever you choose to do.

Three thousand female athletes from Chicago area high schools made a difference off the field by collecting and donating 7,500 books to Mahalia Jackson Elementary School. (Source)

It is easy to say that these female athletes are remaining competitive on the soccer field and off the field by collecting and donating 7,500 books.

The group of female athletes surprised the students at the elementary school on Wednesday, April 12.

Not only are these high school females #AnsweringTheCall by remaining competitive on the field but they are remaining competitive off the field too. It is pretty impressive that these girls collected 7,000 books to donate to an elementary school where most students come from low-income families.

Fighting for what you believe in.

Student-athlete talks about gender inequality and how she hopes to overcome it. (Source)

Quinn Parker, a student at Princeton University, talks about what being a female athlete at the school means to her and the obstacles she has faced because of her gender. Although Parker realizes there are obstacles, she won’t let it defeat her as she continues to overcome the challenges.

She mentions, “But I refuse to be limited in what I can do, where I can go and who I can be because of my gender.”

Parker does a great job at representing what QCSS believes it means toanswer the call. She’s standing up for something that she believes in, which is gender equality. She wants people to know that she isn’t going to let her gender hold her back from accomplishing her goals.

What’s one of the coolest parts about Parker’s story?

Track & Field is the reason for the mentality that she has today.

Setting goals and never giving up.

The first woman to officially run Boston Marathon makes a triumphant return. (Source)

Kathrine Switzer made history back in 1967 when she became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Race officials tried to stop her from completing the marathon after they found out she was actually a woman and not a man.

Fifty years later, on April 17, she finished the race again.

Kathrine Switzer was #AnsweringTheCall by setting a goal and not giving up on it. She didn’t let the man stop her when she was 20-years-old and she didn’t let anyone stop her from running it again. In the beginning, she set a goal and she stuck to it without giving up. She had people telling her that it wasn’t her race and that she shouldn’t be running it. She had people trying to physically stop her but she kept on going.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see that Kathrine is still #AnsweringTheCall.

Believing in yourself.

How Skylar Diggins really sees herself on and off the court. (Source)

With the WNBA season right around the corner, one player particularly stuck out in April. Skylar Diggins, a point guard for the Dallas Wings, talks about how she never saw herself as a natural athlete but knew that she could put in the work to become as great as she is now.

Diggins talks about how she has a passion for basketball and how she never stopped putting in the work to compete, be better and challenge herself.

Skylar Diggins does an amazing job at demonstrating what #AnsweringTheCall means. She may not have considered herself an athlete, but she proved to that she could be one. She worked hard to become a professional basketball player and she hasn’t let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Being a leader and believing in others.

Katie Naughton lives to inspire and makes sure that she is #AnsweringTheCall for the next generation. (Source)

In the video, Katie Naughton talks about how she is motivated to #AnswerTheCall because she knows that there are people out there that look up to her as an athlete.

Naughton was chosen by the Chicago Red Stars as a player that is #AnsweringTheCall. She shows on and off the field that she has what it takes to be a leader. She looks up to people like her mom, who pushes her to be the best that she can be. She also mentions how exciting it is that younger girls look up to her because that’s who her mom was to her, somebody to look up to.

Katie Naughton proves that she is #AnsweringTheCall by being such a great role model to other aspiring athletes. She proves that she believes in others by contributing on the field with her teammates and trusting that they are making the best decisions for the team.

Here’s the link to the video.

After every Chicago Red Stars game, QCSS presents a player of the match. This past week, Julie Johnston Ertz was chosen as the player of the match. The Chicago Red Stars also share a video of how certain players believe they answer the call before every game. Talk about a way to empower women. Follow us on social media to get updates on players who prove #AnsweringTheCall is just another thing they do.




I encourage you to take a step back and think about the last time you answered the call. We all have social media platforms, like Katie Naughton, that allow us to be leaders and motivators. We all have the drive and ambition to try our hardest at our jobs or in school like Skylar Diggins does on the court. If you have a voice, then use it to stand up for things that you believe in like Quinn Parker.

What are you doing today in order to answer the call?


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Have you ever taken a moment to notice how hypocritical it is to point your finger at someone? Go ahead and try it. Point your finger at something. It doesn’t have to be a person. It can be at your computer screen or your phone.


Did you notice that when you went to point your finger, three other fingers were pointing right back at you?


It’s something that can easily go unnoticed. When we’re so busy blaming things on other people, we don’t take a second to realize that maybe what they’re doing isn’t the issue.


If your business isn’t growing, who’re the first people that you point your finger at? Is it your employees or people that are working underneath you? Is it someone who works above you? Maybe you point the finger at yourself. Regardless, one person should never be blamed for an entire situation.


That’s why I am going to encourage you to take a minute and reflect on how you can improve yourself which will hopefully lead to business growth.

1. Quit putting yourself first


With some of the other things I’ve talked about before, this may sound like a contradiction but in order to grow, you have to stop putting yourself first.


In the business world, we must learn how to make sacrifices and look for ways to improve ourselves. This may mean that we have to put others before us in order to get to where we want to go.


If somebody asks you for a favor but it’s a little inconvenient to you, do it anyways because who knows the next time you may need a favor from them that they don’t find convenient.


If your boss asks you to stay a couple hours after work to help them on a project, do it even if you did have plans with a co-worker. Your boss may have asked you to stay to work on the project because they think that you’re the best for the job. If you say no, maybe it’ll lead them to believe otherwise.


There are going to be times when we don’t want to do something because it’s inconvenient. Evaluate the situation and take the time to recognize that maybe you have to put other people first before you can put yourself first.


Sure, a drink after work with a co-worker sounds a lot more fun than helping your boss finish up a project but the drink is going to mean nothing to you once it’s gone. The big project could lead to a new client and a possible promotion.


Think about which opportunities are worth it and which you can pass on. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first occasionally and remember that you can’t get to where you want to go by always being comfortable. 

2. Allow yourself to continue to grow

Every morning, I try to find time to research trends in the industry. I’ll also find time to catch up on emails that I’m subscribed to because sometimes they get my mind running and in work mode.


Don’t allow yourself to believe that you know everything that’s happening in your industry. Take time to read about new trends and how you can improve your work. Every day, I make a promise to allow myself to learn something new and you should too.


The internet gives us so many opportunities to continue to learn. It gives us the chance to take advice from people who we never thought we could receive advice from.


If you don’t allow yourself to learn new information then at some point your company or business is going to be so behind that it’ll be difficult to catch up. It’s important to realize that this can be avoided.


The internet isn’t the only thing that is going to help you learn. Pick up a new book or sit down and talk with an industry leader. Allowing yourself to have an open mind and continue to learn is a great quality to have. Plus, allowing yourself to grow will allow your business to grow too.

3. Learn to network and not only on LinkedIn


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I already know how to network.”


When was the last time you reached out to a loose connection?


When was the last time you offered your services to somebody else?


When was the last time you held an informational interview with somebody starting out in the industry?


It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and network with people you don’t usually network with. You should stop thinking that you don’t have enough time for an informational interview with someone who is trying to get their foot in the door.


What you should think is about all the things that this person can do for you. They can provide new insights and help you step away from your work for a little to free your brain of clutter.


Maybe, this person knows something about the industry that you don’t. Allow yourself to help others and it may just lead you to answers that you didn’t know you were looking for.


That’s why it’s time to learn how to network. Don’t allow yourself to think that you already know everybody you need to know. LinkedIn isn’t the only way to network. Face to face interactions are great and it allows other people to see who you are and what your business represents.


Networking is a great way to grow a business. Networking leads to references, references will lead to leads, and leads will lead to sales.


Remember that it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.

4. Define your own success


It’s simple to look at other people and see how successful they are.


How did they get there?


What can I do to be as great as they are?


It’s going to take everything in you, but stop comparing yourself to others. Quit letting the success of others define your success because they aren’t you and you will never be them.


Acknowledge the work that these people have done to get to where they are. If it’s your friend, be happy for them. If it’s someone that you look up to, follow their lead and continue to work on yourself.


Live the life that you want to live and do things that make you happy. Set goals for yourself and work on accomplishing them.


What does success look like to you? What does it mean to you?


Write down the answers to these questions. Make it a goal to remind yourself every day to focus on yourself and not others. Watch yourself and your business grow.

5. Remember the past and learn from it, but don’t let it bring you down


Know that bad things happen to everybody. You aren’t always going to land the sale or get five leads in one day. Some days are going to be better than others.


Let’s take a look at recent incidents that have happened. Pepsi rolled out a commercial that a lot of people didn’t agree with. United Airlines has a lot of unhappy consumers from an incident that happened over the weekend.


 Do we think that Pepsi and United Airlines are going to go out of business because of what happened? No, probably not.


Do we think that they learned from what happened? I would certainly hope so.


What’s my point? Stuff happens. Things are out of our control sometimes but we have to get over it.


As much as people try to bring you down, don’t let them. The only person who has control of your future is yourself. Don’t allow anybody to let you think any differently. Bad things are going to happen but you have to move forward. If you don’t then your business won’t either.




Last week, QCSS published an article about a new campaign that we launched which is based around the idea of #AnsweringTheCall. As I mentioned in the article, answering the call means to us, what it means to you. Every person is going to have their own vision of what answering the call means.


This week we wanted to ask you one question pertaining to the post. If you haven’t read it or don’t have the time, to QCSS, answering the call means:


           Having the motivation to become better at what you do every single day


           Remaining competitive in whatever you choose to do


           Fighting for what you believe in


           Setting goals and never giving up


           Believing in yourself


           Being a leader and believing in others




When was the last time:


That you put somebody else before you?


That you learned about something new?


That you made an effort to genuinely network with someone?


That you defined what success means to you?


That you allowed yourself to learn from the past instead of holding you back?




The most important question is:


When was that last time you answered the call?




This time, I’m pointing the finger at you. At QCSS, we make an effort and encourage each other to answer the call every single day. We’re doing our part but are you doing yours?


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Just last week, QCSS talked about what SLACKing meant to our company. It means something a little different to our company than it does to other people. Here at QCSS, SLACK stands for Sales, Lead generation, Answering service, Customer service and support and Knowledgebase and help desk.

In the post, we mentioned how we are going to help you pick up the SLACK at your company.  This week we are following up on our promise and delivering our first bit of information about Sales.

Take a look at these 7 questions you may have for a call center when considering outsourcing to improve company sales.

Will your company contact other business or consumers for my company?

The answer to this question is going to depend on what kind of campaign that you’re running. Most likely, a call center will be able to run campaigns for both types of businesses, B2B and B2C. If your company wants to focus more on reaching out to other businesses, the call center should be able to do this for you. If your company wants to focus on reaching out to consumers, a call center should be able to do this for you too.

Research the call center that you’re considering because usually a question like this can be explained when looking at the services that they provide. Most call centers are going to be able to run campaigns for both businesses and consumers but sometimes they may have a specialty.

Ask or search their website for testimonials. Consider what types of companies are using their services and really listen to what these companies have to say. This information can be extremely valuable so use it if it’s provided to you.

The main focus should be on your company and what you want your campaigns based around. Make sure you express this to the call center so that they understand your wants and needs.

If our consumers have questions, will you have answers?

The answer to this question should always be yes. Call centers should be doing the best they possibly can to seamlessly answer phone calls for your company. Hopefully, questions can be answered in the center and if they can’t be, the agents should know how to handle the particular situation.

At QCSS, we allow companies to bring in their team to train our agents. If this isn’t possible, we also encourage our clients to allow our team to make a site visit, to train via phone conference, through digital meetings (using a service such as Skype), or via a desktop share. All agents are pre-trained before receiving program training so that goals and expectations of the campaign are well known.

Take a look at the training foundation of a successful campaign provided by QCSS to get a better idea about the continuous process of training agents.

Who provides the script or call guide?

Call centers should be willing to work hand in hand with clients so that they can come up with a script, or call guide as we call it, that will work best with the particular company.

The purpose of the call center is to allow professionals with experience to turn decisions into actions. The call guide is going to be extremely important because it’s going to be what your consumers hear when first calling into or receiving a call from the company.

Don’t worry because professionals at the call center should be more than willing to work together with you to develop a call guide that fits your company and represents the purpose of the campaign.

It can be scary at first if you’ve never outsourced a call center before. What if the call center doesn’t develop a call guide that your company likes? What if you see the call guide going in a different direction and they’re missing the purpose of your campaign?

This shouldn’t happen but if it does, communicate with the company. If you want the call center to make progress with your company and for the campaign to be successful, communication is going to be the foundation of the new partnership.

How much am I getting out of this service?

If you are putting time and effort into the call center and paying close attention to the campaign, you should be expecting a lot out of the service. Depending on which direction you are headed with the call center, you can expect to see:

  • A focus on core business

  • Free capital for research & development and advertising

  • An increase in sales and profits

  • Condense sales and service into one location

  • Forecast budgeting with fixed costs

  • Reduced overhead expenses

And many more benefits. There are agents who will be assigned to your campaign and they will work very hard to see your business succeed. If there is no success in your campaign, there is no success in their work either.

To a call center, your business isn’t a game. It’s an investment. It’s something that they hope to see succeed so that they can have happy customers and clients, just like you.

What are your expectations?

As with any other company, a call center expects to see growth within your company, and their own, from all work.

We expect to meet the wants and needs of your company so that it can continue to grow. Just like you, we want to see your company take off. We work with the desire to serve to you and your consumers.

We expect you to communicate with us so that we can deliver the best results while continuing to meet your expectations.

At QCSS, we strive for exceptional results and professionalism. As a company, our expectations are high and we all work together to meet them every single day.

Any call center should be expecting to see your business succeed through the services that they are providing. Don’t be afraid to ask this question when looking for the perfect fit for your company.

Individually, call centers should have specific goals to hit when working on certain campaigns. Ask them to set goals and expectations so that it is easier to track progress.

Where can you make a difference for our company?

This is a great question to ask a call center and the answer is more than likely to be specific towards your goals.

The process might begin by the call center asking you what you are expecting to get from outsourcing. Then, the company will develop an answer to your question after hearing the response.

The reason they may ask you for your response first is because the focus of the campaign is about your company and what you expect as an outcome of the services. The call center does want to find specific ways to make a difference for your company. They are also going to want to track the progress of the campaign which will be beneficial to you too.

There are some small differences that every call center expects for you to see from using their services but if you are looking for specific and detailed answers, open up to the company and let them know your expectations.

Will our lists be put together with other databases?

Another way to put this question is: can somebody else access our call lists that we are allowing you to use?

No. This should be information that the call center is only going to be using for the sake of your business. They should not allow other companies to have access to this list especially since it is something that your company has worked pretty hard to maintain.

When you decide to outsource a call center, there is a lot of trust that must be put into the company. Make an effort to ask about the security at the call center. This is important because a part of your business is being put into the hands of another business.

Look into the technology of the company and be sure that they know what they are doing. This way, you know that your information and the information of your clients and customers are also safe.

Find out more about QCSS and the call center industry by heading over to our web page. It provides insightful information about the services that call centers can provide and expectations.

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Recently, QCSS proudly announced two new partnerships, one with the Chicago Red Stars and another with Eclipse Select.  These are two outstanding organizations that hold the same values as QCSS.


With our new partnerships came a new campaign:



QCSS believes that this new campaign sets a theme that represents all companies and organizations involved in the partnerships. Answering the call is a simple phrase that can convey many different messages. With that in mind, QCSS decided to take this opportunity to explain what we believe answering the call means, why we decided to launch a campaign around this theme, and what answering the call means to us.

Answering the call means:

Having the motivation to become better at what you do every single day.

“Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it all away from you.”

– Mark Cuban

Be willing to learn, be willing to put in the work to become better, and never expect to have things handed to you. Answering the call means doing everything you have in your power to get the work done. It means that you are willing to make sacrifices in order to better yourself and the company or business that you work for.

It’s not just you looking out for yourself. Answering the call is about looking out for people around you and wanting what’s best for them too.

To answer the call, you must be willing to turn the bad days into good ones and making the great days even better. It’s not about looking at the glass half empty or half full, it’s being grateful that you have the glass in front of you and that there’s something in it to drink.

Remaining competitive in whatever you choose to do.

“You are not in competition with anybody except yourself. Plan to outdo your past, not other people.”

- Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Answering the call means knowing your weaknesses but never letting anybody see them. Step up to the plate and put in the amount of work it takes in order to be considered a leader in your niche.

It’s important to remember that answering the call isn’t about being better than your competitors. Answering the call is about improving yourself and competing with who you or your company used to be.

Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday. It’s not about being the best in the industry. It’s about making the industry the best it can possibly be for consumers.

Every day is not going to be a great day and some people are going to kick you while you’re down. There will be others who will offer to help you back up. Answering the call means embracing the days that aren’t the best if it means you’ll get to look back on your work and know you’ve never produced anything better.

Train insane or remain the same.

Fighting for what you believe in.

Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Everybody wants to give up at some point. Things become complicated and we want to throw our arms up in the arm and surrender. To answer the call means to fight for what you believe in, no matter how hard it is.

As Ruth Bader Ginsburg puts it, do it in a way that will lead others to join you. Stand up and fight for what you believe in professionally and politely. Never let your demons get to you and continue to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Things will always work themselves out if you continue to stand behind yourself and your beliefs. Encourage others to join you in your mission but remember to keep your ears open. Some people are going to have input that will be irrelevant and others are going to let you in on information that will help you succeed.

Never drown out the voices of the people around you because they may be saying exactly what you need to hear.

Continue to fight until you’ve won and your voice is heard.

Setting goals and never giving up.

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.”

-Simon Sinek

There are going to be days when people are going to doubt what you are doing. There are going to be days when people are going to tell you that you can’t, but your job is to prove to them that you will.

Some of the most successful people were told “no” but instead of getting upset and giving up they said, “Watch me!”

Answering the call means having dreams and attacking them every single day. It’s about having the ambition and drive to better your career and life no matter where you are or what you do.

Some days it feels like the world is against you but a majority of that day is going to be in your mind. If you think that you can’t accomplish a task or meet a goal, you aren’t going to. If you want to answer the call, never doubt yourself and everything that you’re capable of.

Believing in yourself.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

-Christian D. Larson

Your own worst enemy is yourself. The biggest demon you are ever going to have to face is your own. If you don’t believe that you can accomplish something, then you won’t. If you don’t have the confidence that you can become half the person you have always wanted to be, you never will.

Believing in yourself is half the battle.

Answering the call is about taking the leap knowing there’s a chance you’ll fall. It’s about tackling your fears and admitting to your weaknesses.

Believe in yourself even when other people don’t. If you don’t think you can accomplish something then nobody else will either. Answering the call is not being afraid to stand out even though everybody else is following the crowd.

The only person who you need standing beside you when all your dreams come true is yourself.

Being a leader and believing in others.

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there."

- John Buchan

Lastly, answering the call means being a leader and believing in others. Not only does being a leader mean setting an example for others to follow but it also means allowing them the opportunity to step up and be one themselves. It’s about believing that there are other people out there who they can encourage to be the best that they can possibly be.

Allow yourself to learn from other people and continue to tackle life with an open mind.

Have faith in others and allow them to learn from your mistakes. A leader does their best to allow others the opportunity to grow. Believing in others is about allowing them to take on difficult tasks and being ready to take the blame if they don’t succeed.

Answering the call means allowing other people to step outside of their comfort zone and proving that there is always room for improvement.


QCSS chose the #ANSWERINGTHECALL theme because we understand that it has many different meanings. There will never be one definition to express what stepping up and answering the call represents to QCSS and the organizations that we’ve partnered with.

Answering the call means to us, what it means to you. Every organization and every person will answer the call in their own way.

At QCSS, "Where the only call that matters is yours" every time the phone rings, we answer seamlessly as your company promptly to give the customer the attention they demand and deserve.

For more information, visit www.qcssinc.com or call (888) 229-7046.

What does answering the call mean to you or your company?



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The phone’s ringing in your office. You’re finishing up an email. Somebody walks into the office with an important question regarding a client. You have a meeting in fifteen minutes and have to be ready to pitch the newest marketing plan.

You send the email and answer the question regarding the client. You pull up the presentation on the computer to review before the pitch in front of other executives. You clear your mind for two seconds before reaching over to pick up the ringing telephone. Right as you pick up the phone, you hear a long buzzing sound.

You just missed a phone call from a qualified lead because you have too many other things flying onto your desk and occupying your mind. You look over at the black landline phone that’s sitting on your desk.

Fifteen missed calls.

Five new messages.

Thirty new emails within the past ten minutes.

A presentation to pitch in what is now, five minutes.

Your coworker walks into your office and mentions an email that you haven’t answered from three days ago. “You’re slacking,” they say completely joking but this time it just sets you off.

How do these people not see the immense effort you’re putting in to help this business succeed yet whatever you do is never good enough? You’re expected to pitch a new marketing plan that you’ve barely had any time to work on because it feels like you’re playing catch up every day you walk into work.

The free dictionary defines slack off as:

  1. To decrease in activity of intensity.

  2. To work less intensely than is required or expected.

You don’t feel like you’re slacking off. You just feel like you have too much on your plate to get everything done.

Nobody likes to hear that they’re slacking but every so often we hear those words come out of somebody’s mouth and it makes us want to cringe.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can QCSS pick up my “slack”? Well, to be honest, it’s a pretty simple answer.

At QCSS, SLACK stands for Sales, Lead generation, Answering service, Customer service and support and Knowledgebase and help desk.


The S in SLACK, stand for sales. Sales are a crucial part of any business model. Most likely, you’ve heard of or have seen a sales funnel before and you know how it works. There’s a reason that many people refer to sales funnels when talking about company goals. It’s because a business can’t run without the knowledge of a sales funnel and how a consumer makes its way through the funnel.

At QCSS, we want to help you get your consumers and leads through the sales funnel. With the outbound and inbound services that we provide, your company can receive a higher number of qualified leads, increased sales, and profits, reduced costs per sale, increased number of appointments and many other benefits.

We can help you accomplish goals for your company by doing things that you don’t have the time to do. Those people who are calling into your business can have questions answered in seconds rather than days. You won’t have to deal with missed calls or listen to voicemails that don’t even pertain to anything that you do.

With a telemarketing company, each day you should receive a recap of all the leads, sales and appointments that were generated for the day. You should also receive weekly reports for your review and analysis which will help your company generate more qualified leads.

If you are slacking on landing sales because you have so many other things on your plate, then it’s time to seriously consider outsourcing a company that can help you turn these leads into clients or customers.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, a word that gets passed around like stuffing at Thanksgiving. There are so many people that have mounds of information about lead generation and how it works.

We’re going to keep it simple. You probably heard me say the word “qualified leads” a couple of times already. No, it’s not just a matter of sticking the word qualified in front of leads to make ourselves sound like we know what we’re talking about.

There are many different ways that lead generation works. At QCSS, we look for qualified leads. This means that we want to help your company find and reach out to strangers and prospects that have shown interest in your company. We use experienced proven strategies to consistently generate leads that will be useful to your company right now and in the future.

There are going to be times when leads are going to tell you that at this moment, they don’t need your product or service but they may in the future.

QCSS can help with lead generation because we also offer appointment setting. This means that in a couple of months when your company wants to reach back out to that potential lead, we won’t forget and neither will you.

These strategies are going to work best because they keep your company on the top of your leads minds.

Answering Service

QCSS picks up the slack by offering answering services.

How will an answering service benefit your company and help you pick up the slack? Great question!

Outsourcing an answering service can be extremely beneficial to your company and it will encourage you to avoid slacking on more important tasks by decreasing interruptions, avoiding missed calls and supporting organization in the office.

When customers call into your company, most people want to talk to a live person. It’s aggravating getting directed to a voicemail and never receiving a call back. It’s aggravating having to push 50 buttons on the phone until you hear a voice talking back to you on the phone that isn’t an automated message. Customers get aggravated when they don’t get a direct response and when they have to sit on the phone for hours in order to get the answers that they are looking for.

QCSS offers an answering service to take stress off of you and your customers or clients.

Here’s a question, have you ever thought about how many calls come into your office for business that is not tracked for inquiries, leads, and conversion into sales? Maybe people are calling from a different time zone.

The number one reason a new potential buyer of your product of service will find another provider is due to lack of immediate attention, making them feel as if their call and ultimately their business doesn’t matter to your or your company.

Don’t let this be the reason that clients and customers are getting away. Be proactive about the issue. Even though it doesn’t feel that you’re slacking customers and clients may think that you are.

Customer Service and Support

QCSS picks up the slack by offering customer service and support. One subject that we frequently talk about in our blog is customer service and support and why it is so valuable. (Check out these four simple things that can keep your customers happy)

QCSS offers customer service and support because we know how difficult it can be to stay on top of these jobs when a company is becoming overwhelmed with calls and emails.

Customer service and support is not something that companies can risk messing around with. One wrong move can send clients and customers running in the opposite direction and sometimes taking others with them.

Make sure that all your clients and customers are serviced to the fullest with the inbound customer services that QCSS can provide.

If you are slacking in the customer service department it’s probably time to take a step back and reevaluate your company mission. Awful customer service and support can ruin a company. There are many examples of companies that have gone under from bad customer service so it’s in your best interest to pick up the slack before it is too late.

Your competitors are waiting for you to fail so show them that the word isn’t even in your vocabulary.

Knowledgebase and Help Desk

QCSS picks up the SLACK by offering a knowledgebase and help desk services.

It’s time to figure out if the help desk you have right now is actually helping your business or hurting it. (Click here for a guide on finding a help desk that wants to help your business succeed)

QCSS offers the highest level of support for your products and services. Every time somebody calls in with a question about your company, QCSS seamlessly and promptly answers the phone to give your customers the attention they demand and deserve.

You may be wondering how QCSS can pick up the slack by providing a knowledgebase and help desk. Well, QCSS can answer your customers and clients questions and concerns that you don’t have time to answer. Think about how often people are on the phone waiting for someone at your company to pick up just to get an answer to a simple question.

A knowledgebase or a help desk does an impeccable job at finding answers to questions before they are even at the surface.

That is how QCSS picks up the SLACK. We offer a service that not a lot of people can offer. We have an intelligent team standing behind us who is always going to be looking out for the better of your company.

If you are looking into outsourcing a help desk, chances are that your help desk you have right now isn’t working out for you or your company is overflowing with phone calls and there aren’t enough hands to answer the phone.

This means that you’re slacking and you may be losing clients and customers due to the fact that questions and concerns aren’t being answered promptly or clearly from your team.







At QCSS,"Where the only call that matters is yours" every time the phone rings, we answer seamlessly as your company promptly to give the customer the attention they demand and deserve.




For more information, visit http://www.qcssinc.com/or call (888) 229-7046.







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 “Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can’t miss.”

– Lee Iacocca –

A happy workplace most likely will lead to more productivity.

The burning question: How do you get to the place where almost all employees are happy enough to be as productive as possible? 

Employee productivity is important to business success. There must be a way to keep employees motivated while continuing to accomplish tasks and projects on time. Here are some simple steps you can take in order to keep up employee motivation which will lead to more productivity.

1.  Encourage Social Interaction

Social interaction can be extremely important when it comes to productivity. Holding events outside of the workplace can be very effective. Events outside of work encourage social interaction and it gives employees a reason to walk into work with a smile on their face. This will also promote teamwork in the workplace. Employees will be more comfortable when having to ask questions to a coworker.

At QCSS, we hold a monthly Potluck. It brings up the spirits around the office and it’s something our employees can look forward to when they lose motivation.

2.  Urge Employees to Ask Questions

Employees may not feel comfortable asking questions regarding work, so always remind them that this is normal. Some employees may not be as productive as they could be because they are stuck on a certain task and they aren’t sure how to get past it. It’s important that employees know asking questions are a good thing.

3.  Provide Feedback

Providing, positive or negative, feedback to employees can definitely make the office more productive. Ask to see projects that employees are working on and be prepared to give feedback to them. Providing feedback may encourage employees to continue on the right path or to work harder. This way, when a task is finished, you know what to expect and they know what is expected.

4.  Ask For Feedback

Listen to what employees are saying because they may notice something that you don’t. If employees feel that they aren’t being treated fairly, they may be less inclined to do busy work. Also, you may receive feedback that can change the way you’re doing things around the office or the feedback may encourage you to continue down a positive path. Even though the final decision will be your say, knowing that an opinion or suggestion is valued can go a long way.

5.  Supply Refreshments

Providing coffee or having a bowl of chocolates are two great examples of how drinks or snacks can promote productivity. Caffeine is something many employees depend on in order to be productive and having a bowl of chocolates can give employees a reason to stand up and walk away from a work space. It’s easy to find very inexpensive treats that employees can enjoy while working and it will also encourage them to do more quality work.

6.  Encourage Breaks

Encourage breaks among employees. Although this may seem like it’ll be the opposite of productive, in the long run, it’ll be more helpful. Allow employees to get up from their workspace and walk around or allow them to stand when the opportunity is presented. This will give employees the chance to reset their brains and start fresh when they sit down.

7.  Weed Out Distractions

Sometimes, it may be more useful to allow employees to listen to music or podcasts when they are working. Some people work better this way. Also, be sure to allow employees to have moments to step away and distract themselves for a little bit. The important part to remember here is not to allow employees to have too much distraction. If you see somebody is on their phone or irrelevant sites more often than they are working, say something. Distractions can be good for productivity but too many distractions can hurt the business.

8.  Set Goals

Set goals for employees and hold them accountable if they don’t accomplish them. When setting goals, it’s critical to communicate with employees. Allow employees to set their own daily, weekly or monthly goals. Be sure that these goals challenge the employees while also being sure that the goals aren’t too far out of reach.

9.  Offer Rewards

A major factor in setting goals may be providing incentives. Even small incentives or rewards are better than none. A $10 gift card may not seem like a lot but it’s the goal to win it that keeps the employees motivated and productive in the office. This gives you the opportunity to set goals for the workplace.

10.             Hold Employees Accountable

Holding employees accountable is crucial to productivity in the workplace. Set performance standards and be prepared to hold employees accountable if they don’t’ live up to them. If employees aren’t being held accountable, they aren’t going to give their absolute best. Let employees know that there are consequences for people who don’t meet standards or monthly personal goals. Don’t forget to let employees know how these standards or goals are being measured!

11.             Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Celebrate or acknowledge when something positive happens in the workplace. This will show employees that you do pay attention to what is happening. Acknowledging a job well done will let employees know that what they are doing is really making a positive impact on the company. Productivity will go up because others in the workplace will be motivated to work harder in order to get acknowledged also.


Are you looking for more ways to produce office productivity, but not sure where to begin?


Over here at QCSS, we believe that our employees are our most valuable resources! Check out our simple Q-philosophy, it might just spark some ideas!



P: 888.229.7046



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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

 -Michael LeBoeuf-


Experience, passion, influence and established are all words that can be used to describe a successful business owner or entrepreneur. There’s no doubt that watching a business take off is rewarding, even when the office phone doesn’t stop ringing. The positive, the company is most likely doing well and making money. The negative, time is being taken away from improving the business to answer phone calls and provide customer service. Owning a business can be stressful, overwhelming and exhausting. Often, there comes a point when you have to ask yourself if you’re really doing what’s best for the business to be as successful as possible. Hiring a call center may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The big question:Why should my business hire a call center?


No More Missed Opportunities

 It’s understood that there could be a lot of things on your plate. Of course owning a business, small or large, is a difficult and time-consuming task. If you walk into your office at seven AM and have ten missed calls, that’s how you know it’s time to look for a solution. These calls could’ve been a potential buyer of your product or service, and now chances are it’s a missed opportunity.


More Time to be Productive

 Everybody feels like there’s never enough time in the day. When you own a business this statement becomes even more relevant. The second you sit down at the desk with a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day, you already have people knocking on your door asking you for more work. It’s overwhelming and having to return fifteen calls adds even more to the list of things to do. By the end of the day, you still have five things on your list and it’s the same five things you had on the list in the morning.


It’ll Show You Care

 Most consumers would rather talk to a human on the phone than talk to a robot. A phone tree is one thing that consumers dread. Having to listen to the robot voice, followed by having to press fifty numbers until they either finally get through to a human being or get disconnected. Some consumers spend hours on the phone waiting to get through to a human being. It’s aggravating and extremely time-consuming. A call center allows consumers an opportunity to be directed to a human and usually problems are solved within minutes. The plus side is, you don’t have to be involved unless necessary. 


More Leads, More Money

 Things go wrong in businesses every single day. You can walk into work thinking you will complete one large task that day and then it gets moved to the next day and then the day after that too. Sooner or later, you forget what the task is because so many things have overridden it. A call center can do things that you don’t have time to do, like contact potential leads. Most call centers will give you a recap of all the leads, sales and appointments that were generated for the day. Call centers interact with customers and leads every day. They work hard to complete tasks that you find time-consuming which makes your job easier.   


You Need Motivation

 Successful call centers put in a lot of time and effort to give you the feedback that your business deserves. Seeing these results and having numerous leads can give you and your business the motivation to be exactly where you have always wanted to be. A small thing like hiring a call center can completely change your business around.  It can make your employees happier which will lead to more sales.


Opportunity, productive, care, leads, money and motivation are six words that can easily be used to describe a successful business. They are also six words that can be used to describe a company that uses a call center. If you feel like any of the points made in this post are relevant to your business, it may be time to hire a call center.





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At QCSS we understand the importance of inbound lead generation! Every call into your company is an opportunity to interface with your most qualified leads. We will service your inbound calls prospects promptly and professionally, leaving your customers & clients with a feeling of total satisfaction.

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