Over 7 months ago, I walked into QCSS Inc. to interview for an internship position.

Over 2 months ago, I accepted my position as the marketing coordinator at the company.

To this day, I still remember one thing that stood out to me at the interview. I was sitting at the head of the large table in the conference room. We were talking about who I was and what I thought about marketing. Then we started talking at QCSS and the type of company that it is.

That’s when our CEO, Cathy Karabetsos, said “we’re women-owned,” and it really stood out to me.

It’s not every day that you get to interview at a company that is women-owned and hearing her say this really inspired me.

Throughout my months at this company, I have learned a lot more about marketing. I have also learned a lot about the culture. These are the 5 things that I have learned from working at a women-owned company:

1. Don’t sell yourself short

There used to be days when I didn’t feel that I could complete a task because I wasn’t qualified enough.

One day I was at work, reading a viral LinkedIn article. Somebody commented on the article mentioning how the person who wrote the article was only in their twenties and they didn’t have any experience in the marketing field.

That person was completely discrediting everything that this man had put work and time into.

Now every time I get a notification on LinkedIn, I get nervous that it is going to be someone commenting on my article about how unqualified I am.

I remain motivated and confident knowing that I have an entire team of women and men behind me, supporting my work.

Working at a women-owned company has taught me that I have to stop selling myself short. It has taught me that I have to be confident in my own work, regardless of what people say about it.

Some women in business sell themselves short because they have other people telling them they can’t be successful because of their gender. It’s important to understand that there are also a lot of other people who want to see them become successful regardless of their gender.

2. Constantly challenge yourself

There is always going to be fear when being challenged to do something that you’ve never done before.

I learned this quickly when I started interning at QCSS.

A lot of other interns do not have the ability to run social media accounts, discuss partnerships, listen in on phone calls or develop relationships with clients. They are usually given the work that nobody else wants to do.

For me it was the opposite, I was given all the work that I wanted to do and I was challenged to take on a larger role.

I think a huge reason that I was given so much room for personal and professional growth is because of the people at this company who believe in me.

Working at a women-owned company with people who truly believe in the work that I am producing has taught me that I am only going to grow if I challenge myself.

Sending out my first couple of tweets on the company Twitter was scary. Opening up an Instagram page for a call center had its challenges. I never thought that I would be able to grow either accounts, but I have and I wouldn’t have been able to unless it was for the women who supported me and challenged me.

Women who own businesses understand that there will be challenges but they have to overcome them together which is exactly what I have learned from working at this company.

3. How to nurture relationships

At QCSS, we have a lot of partnerships and relationships that we maintain with other people and companies.

I have learned so much through these relationships that we have formed.

Working at a women-owned company has taught me that we have to nurture relationships in order for them to grow.

It has also taught me that not all relationships are going to be easy and that they take work.

We love supporting all businesses and through this company, I have learned what it takes to see success in partnerships.

Relationships are also important inside of the company. I learned to respect others ideas and the time that they devote to help me succeed.

The employees at this company work so hard every single day.

There has never been a day when I walked into work and thought that somebody didn’t care about the success of this company. I walk out of work even more motivated than I walk into work because of the environment and culture.

Women in business realize how important relationships are and I think a lot of that has to do with how we nurture relationships, with our family and friends, outside of work too.

4. Never be afraid to have a voice

I think that this is one of the most important things that I learned from working at a women-owned company.

I now know that I should not sit around and wait for someone to tell me what to do, even though throughout our school years we are told exactly the opposite.

In school, we are told when we can go to the bathroom. We have to raise our hand and be called on in order to speak. We are given assignments about specific topics. We are asked to write or speak about things that we don’t have a passion for. We are even told when we may or may not go to the bathroom.

It is easy to lose our voices when growing up in a society where everybody is always trying to take them away.

Women in business must have a voice in order to be successful.

There is no time to raise our hands and wait to be called on when we see a solution to a problem quicker than somebody else. We must take initiative which is something that I learned from working at QCSS.

I am learning to get my voice back and I do not think I would be as proactive about it if I was not a part of a women-owned company, where I feel so confident.

5. Find what works

At QCSS, I am highly encouraged to try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. I take risks and sometimes I fail but other times I am wildly successful. Through these experiences, I have started to grow and learn new strategies.

I am learning that my talent and qualities stand out in some projects more than others.

Every single person at this company has something they are extremely successful at. We put all our talents together to create this unbelievable team.

A dream team.

Working at a women-owned company has helped me realize that we all need one another. Without one person, the team would fall apart.

If one person messes up, we all mess up but if one person succeeds, we all succeed. That is something that you do not get to see at every company.

I think that having women owners has helped the culture develop into what it is today. Nobody gets blamed for losing a sale because we all could have done something differently to help us land it.

This women-owned company has taught me how to “find what works.” I have learned that I can’t succeed at everything and that I need to build a team or have one that is going to fill in the gaps that I can’t fill myself.


The best thing that I have learned from working at a women-owned company is that being successful has nothing to do with gender.

I absolutely think that I could have learned these things at a company owned by men but working at a women-owned company has helped me realize that I should not allow anything or anybody to hold me back.

At this company, I have both men and women that I can look up to and learn from. For that, I’m grateful.


QCSS is a women-owned business and officially certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

QCSS would not be the business that it is today without our two outstanding women founders. The certification continues to motivate QCSS as a company to have persistence, remain optimistic, embrace change, overcome obstacles, conquer fears, remain powerful and develop a strong sense of self. 

Find out more about our executive team here.


Learn more about our WBENC Certification here.


There are a lot of different lead generation tools for businesses. If you type “lead generation tools” into Google, there are about six million hits.

One thing that will always be true is that lead generation takes time and a lot of effort, which is why people develop tools for businesses and companies. These tools are going to be more useful and less time consuming but they also do not guarantee that the leads are going to be qualified.

It is time for you start generating leads that actually are interested in what your business has to offer. In the business-to-business industry, lead generation is complicated.

People sit on proposals for months because decisions need to be cost effective and the thought of wasting money scares us.

This means that it is more important than ever to find tools that will actually generate qualified and promising leads.

Check out these lead generation tools and read the checklists to see if the tools are the best for you and your company.

Attending a Conference / Event


A conference or event is going to be costly but it is a great opportunity to make connections with people and interact in person rather than on the phone, through email or social media. Attending a conference or event will allow other businesses to put a face to your company the next time you reach out to them.


To get the most out of a conference, lead up to the event with:

- Social media posts

- Press releases

- Business accomplishments

- White papers

- Blog posts

And anything else that you think will get the name of your business in front of other attendees.


When QCSS started doing this, we noticed a lot more traction with our posts. Particularly we were receiving more likes, retweets, and responses on our tweets. Some advice would be to tag the organization that is hosting the conference or event and to use the event hashtag if there is one.

Going to a conference or event is a great option for you if you or somebody else at the company has strong communication skills.

At the conference, concentrate on listening to other people and what they have to say. Also, focus on the names of the people you are meeting and what company they work for.  This way, when you’re ready to do the follow up you will know the information about the people that you talked to or what they talked about at the conference.


Running a Telemarketing Campaign


Telemarketing can give your company the human touch your leads are looking for.

It is important to remember that leads are not going to convert on their own. If you have someone who is showing interest in your business through your website or social media, you must be willing to go the extra step in order to land them as a customer or client.

Telemarketing may be the best option for you if you are good at talking to people through the phone.

Remember that you must sell through your voice and that you have to be able to handle rejection without allowing it to defeat you. If rejection is something that you cannot handle then it may be a good idea to hire a call center to do that for you.

If you are looking to track calls and keep leads alive but do not have the ability to do it at your company, hiring a call center might be a better option than trying to build a team in-house.


Email Marketing


If you’re good at copy then this might be a great choice for you when it comes to generating leads.

First, you have to build up an email marketing list or you have to buy one. Building up an email marketing list takes a lot of work because people like to keep their inboxes clean and personal.

Once you have an email list, it is important to provide high value and relevant content to your subscribers.

The last thing to remember when using email marketing as a lead generation tool is to provide a call to action. Remember to ask your readers to act on something in your email otherwise you are only going to be wasting your time and theirs too.

Do not lose leads through email marketing from spamming subscribers every single day especially with content that they could care less about.


Social Media


Social media is a great tool to use for lead generation if you are willing to follow-up and if you don’t feel the need to be extremely personal.

One thing that you must remember about social media is that all of your consumers and potential leads are seeing the same content.

Social media is not as personal as a conference, phone call, or email marketing. To make social media more personal you must be proactive by direct messaging or personally reply to each follower. That can be difficult to do when you own a bigger company.

You also must know exactly what your target audience wants to see or hear and which social media platform they want you to reach them on. Social media gives you the opportunity to change the way consumers feel about your brand which can land you more leads.

If you’re on a budget then social media may be the best idea for lead generation just because it is extremely cheap.


Let’s talk money


All these tools can be useful to your company but for the most part, some type of investment is necessary.

For an example, there are different ways to generate leads through social media.

At first, it may seem like a low expense until you realize that content promotion is necessary. With the algorithm that Facebook has, not a lot of people are able to reach their target audience. That is why you see so many targeted advertisements on Facebook.

If you are serious about lead generation and gaining new clients or customers, you must be willing to set aside a budget.

Make sure that your money is going to the most promising lead generation tools. If you are not sure about a tool that promises lead generation online, look more into reviews and testimonials about the company.

Happy lead generating!!!

The team at QCSS has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales.

For more information, visit our webpage or call (888) 229-7046.


Post written by : Amy Schiller


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Eclipse Select Soccer Club now offers twenty-four-hour customer service with the help of QCSS

DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – Quality Customer Service and Sales (QCSS) a full-service contact center in Deer Park, Ill., is proud to officially announce that it offers inbound call coverage to the Eclipse Select Soccer Club.

In the beginning of April, QCSS and Eclipse Select Soccer Club announced they had formed a partnership in which QCSS would be assisting Eclipse Select with customer service, promoting the brand and club events when possible, all while improving lines of communication for the club. The number for Eclipse Select Soccer Club is now 224-206-5580 and can also be found at .

“We are very excited to provide such an outstanding 24/7 call service to improve interactions with current club members and potential future customers,” Eclipse Select Executive Director, Cindy Mochel said. “Having an answering service will expedite response times for the club and we look forward to the positive effect that it will have on our customer service.”

“Forming this partnership shows both commitments to be the very best and how we are serving our communities. QCSS will be the exclusive voice of the club, #ANSWERINGTHECALL for Eclipse 24/7.” Cathy Karabetsos, President and CEO QCSS, Inc. proudly shared.

“The improved communication goes hand-in-hand with Eclipse mission:  Committed to Excellence. The future looks very bright and it looks a lot like our two organizations,” Karabetsos added.


QCSS and Eclipse Select have aligned as partners on a mission to serve. Eclipse is the very best in club soccer in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and notably one of the best in the country. QCSS is a premier provider of inbound customer support and sales, an outsource solution for companies of any size desiring growth and the best-in-class customer success and support.




For the latest Eclipse Select news, visit

About QCSS

QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. The team has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales.

To learn more about QCSS, contact President/CEO Cathy Karabetsos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 1-888-229-7046. Visit QCSS at

For QCSS media inquiries:


Contact Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 1-888-229-7046.



Published on 16 June 2017

QCSS Smart Center


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Deer Park, IL 60010                                                                                       

(888) 229-7046




New Jobs Created and Sharing the Love 2017


DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – The mission at QCSS has always been to build the local and national economy. In 2017, QCSS is adding to that mission. For each new piece of business QCSS receives this year, they will also be giving back to not-for-profits and charities.


The 2017 mission of QCSS has turned into “Sharing The Love.”


The first donation from QCSS was made on January 6, 2017, to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Since then, QCSS has also donated to Operation Smile and Paralyzed Veterans of America. Along with these donations to charity, QCSS managed to create 3 jobs.


“We know that charities and not-for-profits rely on donations to reach their impact goals each year, and we wanted to find a way to help in 2017,” said Christina Karabetsos, Vice President of QCSS. “We thought, ‘what better way to contribute than to share, with each of our internal wins?’ We shared this idea with our team, and the response we received back was heartwarming. We’ve learned a lot about issues and causes that are important to the entire team.”


The QCSS company philosophy is “Treat people as we like to be treated – to love others and show them kindness, compassion, and respect in all our dealing – 24/7.”  Adding not-for-profits and charities into the company mission for 2017 only makes sense.


“Beyond reaching revenue, new account, and job creation targets, we now have impact goals for 2017. It has made each sale win thus far meaningful, and we are so excited to track our impact throughout the remainder of the year,” added Christina.





QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. The team at QCSS embraces communication and innovation to transform human interactions into powerful and passionate customer experiences. QCSS currently provides outbound and inbound telesales, appointment setting and lead generation solutions. For more information, visit or call (888) 229-7046.



“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.”

- Marissa Mayer


Marissa Mayer, a former CEO, resigned from Yahoo today as Verizon closed $4.5B acquisition of the company.

In her goodbye letter, Marissa says, “It's been my great honor and privilege to be a part of this team for the last 5 years. Together, we have rebuilt, reinvented, strengthened, and modernized our products, our business, and our company.” She also goes on to talk about the challenges, twists and turns that Yahoo confronted throughout her 5 years at the company.

There is no question that being a CEO or owning, controlling and operating a business is a difficult and life-changing task. No woman, or person, takes on such a demanding position without setbacks, failure and hopefully success.  

These businesswomen have revealed what it takes to see that success.

1. Businesswomen Have Persistence 


If you want to be a strong and successful businesswoman your work ethic must show it. Giving up should never be an option, even in difficulty or opposition.

A successful businesswoman will take the challenges and learn from them. Instead of “I give up,” she will say, “what is next?” She will understand that failure is necessary in order to see success.

If you want to be successful, you must be relentless. Do not let anybody tell you that you are not good enough or strong enough for a task. Have the power to prove them wrong and yourself right because that is when you will come out on top.

Successful women continue to fight even when the world gives them every reason not to.


2. Businesswomen are Optimistic


We all know that some days are better than others. At the end of the day it is important to let go of the setbacks, and in the morning it is important to take on the next challenge.

A strong and successful business woman will wake up in the morning and ask herself what she can do to improve the business that day. The setbacks of yesterday will be put aside and she will only concentrate on the future.


3. Businesswomen Embrace Change


There is a lot that can hold women back today.

Setbacks can be anything from political factors to women not believing that they are in a great enough position to succeed.

If you find every reason to believe you do not have enough in your favor to succeed then you never will. On the other hand, if you embrace change and celebrate the small victories you will succeed.

Women that work in business understand that circumstances do not matter. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man. You can succeed if you are determined.

Make the most of what you have and never let anybody tell you that because you are a woman, you cannot be successful.


4. Businesswomen Overcome Obstacles


We all have dreams but some of us are scared of actually pursuing them.

For the brave ones, the ones who productively work towards their dreams, they run into obstacles. This is when they are presented with two options.

Option one: Give up and move on.

Option two: Work through the obstacles and make dreams come true.

Successful business women do not make excuses for themselves. They work hard on the best days and even harder on the worst. Anybody can give up but it is the successful women who choose not to.

If you want to be successful, do not let the obstacles bring you down. Instead, learn from obstacles and use them for growth.


5. Businesswomen Conquer Fears

It is often that successful businesswomen are given tasks that they see as a challenge or fearful. At first it can be uncomfortable but eventually, the difficult tasks will turn into everyday ones.

Picking up the phone and calling someone to sell them on a business idea or tactic can be scary. Stepping on stage to speak in front of hundreds of people can be stressful.

Successful women recognize that these tasks will improve the future of their business. 

You will not grow and neither will your business unless you step outside of your comfort zone. Fear can always be conquered with confidence.


6. Businesswomen are Powerful 

Some people are going to tell you no or that you cannot succeed in something. Successful business women do not waste their time with the argument. Instead, they go out there and they show those people that they are capable of anything they set their mind to.

Nobody is going to hand power over to you. You have to be strong enough to fight for it. You have to prove that you deserve power.

Having power does not mean that you will have the ability to control people. Successful women lead by example.

They do not tell others that they have power instead they guide, influence and encourage.

7. Businesswomen have a Strong Sense of Self 

There are times when we all doubt ourselves. We start to wonder if we are in the right industry, if we spend too much time at work and not enough time with our family, and we even begin to doubt the strenuous work that we put into a business.

A successful and strong business woman realizes that sometimes doubt is hard to dodge but those are the moments that will push them further.

Although some days there may be doubt, strong women still believe in themselves and the business that they are doing.

Successful and strong business women realize that the worst days are what makes the great days so great. They learn from mistakes and develop a strong sense of self.

You must be excited to move forward and improve yourself. Embrace who you are and your flaws so that others can embrace who you are, too.



The next time you are having a rough day, week, month or even year, remember these ladies and what they represent to the business world. 

QCSS is a women-owned business and officially certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

QCSS would not be the business that it is today without our two outstanding women founders. The certification continues to motivate QCSS as a company to have persistence, remain optimistic, embrace change, overcome obstacles, conquer fears, remain powerful and develop a strong sense of self.  

As if the certification was not enough of an honor, having women like Marissa Mayer and Barbara Corcoran to lead the way for women in the business world makes us even more proud to be women-owned.

Find out more about our executive team here.

Learn more about our WBENC Certification here.



Written by: Amy Schiller


Just last month, QCSS released an article about awesome athletes that deserve to be in the spotlight because they prove to be #AnsweringTheCall.

Athletes around the world are being asked to answer the call every day. Of course, we’ve seen athletes show up to a press conference only because they didn’t want to be fined. We’ve also seen athletes make bad decisions that lead to jail or even death because of them. Athletes are humans but when they’re in the spotlight we tend to hold them to a different standard.

This May, QCSS decided to recognize some women athletes who proved that #AnsweringTheCall is no easy task, but it is impactful. They have found a way to use the platforms they have in order to answer the call and make a difference in their communities. 

Check out what #AnsweringTheCall means to QCSS and how these athletes fit perfectly into the mold.

Having the motivation to become better at what you do every single day.

Victoria Azarenka announced that she aims to return for the grass court season and will play Wimbledon just seven months after she gave birth to her son. (Source)

Azarenka, the 27-year-old two-time Australian Open champion, is not letting the birth of her son affect her profession as a tennis player.

She announced on Monday, May 22 that she has been training and feels ready to start competing again.

We can just add her to the list of female athletes who have made nothing short of return after having a child.

The reason that QCSS would like to recognize Azarenka as a woman who proves to be #AnsweringTheCall is because there is sometimes doubt when it comes to women making a comeback after having children.

She proved that she has the motivation to prove others wrong and to become better at her sport even after having a child.

Remaining competitive in whatever you choose to do.

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley talks about her career and what it takes to be a female athlete. Ashley discussed the challenges that she faced as a women in the professional surfing industry. (Source)

It is so empowering to see such a motivating female athlete speak out about the challenges that she has gone through to be successful in her industry.

What stood out about Ashley is that she never gave up on her dream even though she had to face many challenges. She proved that being a female athlete may not be easy but if you believe in something, like closing the gender gap, you have to remain competitive in your field.

Anastasia Ashley is #AnsweringTheCall by encouraging girls to pursue their own passions, even if it is in a sport that is male dominant.

Fighting for what you believe in.

Four years after Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on female athletes, Kariman Abuljadayel represented her country at the Rio Games. This May, she opened up about her experience. (Source)

“Growing up, though, I didn’t participate in any athletics—there were no sports for girls until I graduated high school in 2012. At that point, I told my mom that doing a sport was my dream, and competing in the Olympics became my ultimate goal. Because I was about to move to Boston at the time, she told me I had no excuse not to train and achieve that goal.”

Abuljadayel proved to the world that if you believe in yourself, anything can happen.

Although she was not necessarily the reason that the ban was lifted, she proved that she has what it takes to compete at a professional level and make it to the Olympics.

#AnsweringTheCall has a lot to do with following through, believing in yourself and fighting for things that you believe in. Kariman Abuljadayel proved to do all of those things when she showed up to the Rio Games.

Setting goals and never giving up.

Former U.S. Women’s National Team defender Leslie Osborne is among 33 nominees on the Player ballot for the 2017 National Soccer Hall of Fame voting, it was announced earlier this week. (Source)

Leslie Osborne is a retired American Soccer defensive midfielder who last played for the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL in 2013.

She starred on the U.S. national team, earning 61 caps from 2004-09. What’s even more amazing about Leslie is that she played and coached with Eclipse Select Soccer Club.

Osborne has proved that #AnsweringTheCall is not something that every person is born with. It takes a lot of hard work to get to where she is. Setting goals and never giving up is what landed her name on the Player ballot for the 2017 National Soccer Hall of Fame voting, along with many other outstanding athletes.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see that Leslie is still #AnsweringTheCall after playing for Eclipse Select Soccer Club and throughout her entire career as an athlete.  

Believing in yourself.


Jen Hoy talks about how her parents motivate her to believe in herself. (Source)

Hoy talks about the supportive household that she grew up in and how her parents have always been her biggest role models. She explains how they have always been confident and encouraging.

What is important to point out is that her parents are what made her into the amazing person that she is today. They are the reason that Jen began to believe in herself and that is how she made it to the NWSL.

Jen Hoy does an amazing job at showing what #AnsweringTheCall means. She took motivation that her parents gave her and built something from it. She never stopped believing in herself which proves that she has what it takes to #AnswerTheCall.

Watch the video here.

Being a leader and believing in others.

Sofia Huerta talks about how she believes she impacts the youth the same way that other women professional athletes have.


Sofia talks about how having a female athlete to look up when she was younger inspires her to #AnswerTheCall.Sofia believes that she can show other children what it takes to make it to play in the NWSL.


Watch the video here.

Sofia Huerta was chosen by the Chicago Red Stars as a player that is #AnsweringTheCall. She has shown people on and off the field what it takes to be a leader while continuing to show that she believes in others to #AnswerTheCall too.

If you scroll through her Instagram, where she just so happens to have 15.5 k followers, it is obvious that she supports other women especially her teammates.

Sofia proves that she is #AnsweringTheCall by being such a great role model to younger children and a role model to her teammates too.

What are you doing today in order to answer the call?





 QCSS is a women-owned business and officially certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

QCSS would not be the business that it is today without our two outstanding women founders. The certification continues to motivate QCSS as a company to have persistence, remain optimistic, embrace change, overcome obstacles, conquer fears, remain powerful and develop a strong sense of self. 

Find out more about our executive teamhere.

Learn more about our WBENC Certification here.



Written by: Amy Schiller


Social media, it can either make us or break us. With everybody having access to social media channels at their fingertips, it is more important now than ever for your brand to be on social media engaging with consumers.

Most of us watched as a United Airlines passenger was pulled off a flight on April 3rd in Chicago, thanks to social media.

We also witnessed a high schooler, Carter Wilkerson, ask Wendy’s through Twitter how many retweets it would take for him to get free chicken nuggets for an entire year. When Wendy’s replied saying “18 million,” Carter accepted the mission and ended up getting more retweets than the famous Ellen DeGeneres tweet, setting a new record of the amount of retweets on Twitter.

You can also check out other ways that Wendy’s handles other social media situations here.

Is Wendy’s successful in their efforts? Some consumers will say yes while others may disagree saying that the harshness is a little too much and it could hurt the brand.

Here are a couple different ways your brand use social media as a customer service tool:

Respond to questions and complaints

A lot of the reason that consumers reach out to brands through social media is so that they can get some sort of response. Twitter is slowly turning into a way for brands to become more personal with consumers.

It is also:

1. A simple way for consumers to reach out to brands

2. Less time consuming

3. Calls for a quick and short response

Use social media to defuse situations before they become blown out of proportion and to accept compliments. Do not only use social media to respond to negativity. Use it to acknowledge loyal consumers too.

QCSS quick tip:Some consumers do not always tag brands in their tweets or posts about brands. When they do, you should always respond. To find the consumers who do not, just quickly type the name of your company in the search bar on Twitter. Even if they did not tag your company, the tweet will show up.

Be friendly and understanding

If a consumer has a complaint, be understanding instead of trying to defend your company and brand. It is a good idea to ask more about the situation if a consumer is extremely upset.

Sometimes it is better to take the complaint offline. Recognize what happened and ask the consumer to call a phone number where a representative can take care of the situation.

QCSS quick tip:Have a plan for when a more serious complaint is sent through social media and have customer service representatives on board to handle everything. If you send out a number for the consumer to call into, make sure that the representative is aware of the situation and the previous interactions.

Don’t get offended

It is important that you try not to take things too personally when it comes to people reaching out through social media.

Take Yelp reviews for an example. Reviews on that social media channel are either going to hurt you or help you. Instead of getting upset about reviews that are not the best, take them as constructive criticism.

Learn something from the feedback that you are getting on social media. The reviews are opinions of your consumers which can provide your brand with insights.

Take complaints seriously but remember that opinions are just that and you have no control over the thoughts of other people. You can try your best to change them but sometimes killing people with kindness does not work.

QCSS quick tip:Most consumers do not like it when brands reply negatively to other consumers. For an example, Wendy’s gets a lot of laughs from their tweet sprees but some consumers lose respect for the company from them. Be careful when trying to be funny.

Be original

Don’t copy and paste responses to consumers.

1. They will realize

2. It will make it seem like you do not care

3. It takes away the personal touch of social media

Having the same thing to say to every consumer is going to make them feel like their opinion does not matter. Stop trying to find short cuts on social media.

Originally social media was a way for people to connect with family and friends. Then brands started hopping onto the channels but consumers still want them to feel personal.

How many brands do you follow that send out the same content every single day? Probably not a lot because:

- It can be annoying

- The content gets boring

Create content that your consumers can connect with. Social media gives personality to your brand. Use that feature to your advantage. 

The takeaway

Social media is an important tool for customer service. Do not ignore it because the platforms are a tool to continue communication with consumers while encouraging a sincere connection.


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Written by: Amy Schiller


Back in March, a 5-year-old named Alice wrote an article to a major fashion retailer, Gap, expressing her concerns about their clothing options. Alice was disappointed with Gap because all she believed they were offering in the girls’ department of the store was “just pink and princesses and stuff like that.”

The letter went viral along with the response from the president and CEO of Gap, Jeff Kirwan.

You can read her letter and the response that she got here.

This story is just another huge reminder that businesses and companies must listen to consumers because a door works both ways.

Shopping is no longer about walking from store to store in order to find the perfect shirt. It’s about bounce rates and leaving web pages with shopping carts that are still full.

This is why it is more important than ever to take the time to listen to what consumers are saying about your company. Whether it is through the internet, in person or on the phone, there are many ways to hear what consumers are saying.

7 different ways to listen:

1. Surveys

The best way to find out more about your consumers and what they want is to simply ask them. Ask consumers about what they think your company can do better or where you could improve business at.

When you send a survey or ask consumers to take one online, chances are you are going to get a lot of honest feedback. If a valuable customer is not happy with the way your company is doing something, they will want to let you know.

Some people feel more comfortable being honest when they do not have to deal with confrontation. A survey can provide them with that comfort while also allowing them to tell you how they really feel about things.

2. Focus group

What better way than to get information from consumers than in person?

Focus groups can bring a lot of different insights about your company and the industry that it is in. The group also encourages people to open up about different experiences and sometimes other feedback methods do not allow this type of open conversation.

When it comes to focus groups, people know that they are expected to talk about a certain topic.

Contributors also realize that they are dedicating a certain amount of time to the process rather than a survey that takes longer than expected and is rushed through.

3. Observation

This type of method can be a bit more difficult depending on what type of industry your business is in. It’s difficult to observe people at home with products but it is easy to walk into a crowded area and see how often people are checking their phones.

So, depending on the industry this may not be the best option for you.

The good thing about observation is that it allows companies to see what consumers are doing without being asked about it.

Most people don’t realize how much they check their phone until they download an app that keeps track of it for them. In the same sense, a lot of consumers do not realize the way they are acting towards a service or with a product.

Observation can lead to some great insights but be sure that you are in the right industry for it.

4. Customer service

Customer service representatives are extremely good at a lot of things but active listening is one of their best skills.

Customer service representatives know what it takes to listen to consumers and gather feedback for the company. This kind of feedback is possible for any type of company, large or small.

Consumers who call into a help desk already have initiated the first part of the feedback process. Have representatives listen to what consumers are saying and write down the information that they are gathering.

Then employees have an opportunity to look back on the notes that the representative took and find ways to improve services or products from the feedback.

5. Social media

Companies that are not on social media are definitely missing out on some extremely valuable information. Consumers are reaching out left and right on social media to get in contact with companies.

The thing about social media is that it is on phones, tablets, and computers. People have an unlimited amount of access to social media, a lesson a lot of us can take from United Airlines.

Consumers are not afraid to reach out through social which means that almost anybody has access to complaints and compliments about your company. Be sure that you are staying active across all platforms to stay in the loop with your consumers.

QCSS Quick Tip: Take time to see what your consumers like and who they are following on their own social media channels. This could provide a lot of consumer insights to your company. Also, use social media analytics!!!

6. Email

Email is your friend. When using it, keep things simple and sweet.

The great thing about email is that you can send surveys through email which merges together two different tactics. If you decide to use email to send a survey, there is an open line of communication because your email address is being used.

This means that the consumer has the opportunity to email you back if necessary.

Another awesome thing about email is that a lot of consumers enter their email addresses when signing up for a white paper or when purchasing a product online. Once this happens, if they allow it, you have the opportunity to contact them through email.

Right after the initial interaction with the consumer, send them an email to thank them for the purchase or for subscribing and then ask for feedback.

7. Phone

Another type of feedback that is easy and quick.

This approach is more personal than both social media and email. Calling your customer and talking to them will make them feel like their opinions on your business matters and it should.

Calling a consumer is a great opportunity to start an open relationship. This is something that a lot of companies are forgetting about because of other evolving techniques.

Let us all take notes from the Gap example. Even though the president and CEO did not call his consumers, a solution to the problem could have been found long before the five-year-old pointed it out.

Never underestimate the power of the phone.


The team at QCSS has provided customized sales solutions for companies nationwide since 1991, offering multi-channel inbound customer support and answering services, as well as outbound demand generation and direct sales. To find more posts from QCSS, follow us on LinkedIn or head over to to learn more about the services that we provide.


Written by: Amy Schiller


A three-run lead and four more outs until the Cubs did something some fans never thought they would see in their lifetime. Then, Brandon Guyer hits a run-scoring double. Not the most ideal situation but it did not mean the end.


Rajai Davis, playing for the Cleveland Indians, steps up to the plate and does the unimaginable. He hits a home run that brings in two runs. Tie game.

Silence filled bars and houses all over Chicago. Unless you are a White Sox fan of course but even some of them joined Cubs nation for the end of the season.


Cut to the locker room.


“We’re the best team in baseball, and we’re the best team in baseball for a reason. Now we’re going to show it. We play like the score is nothing-nothing. We’ve got to stay positive and fight for your brothers. Stick together and we’re going to win this game.” (Source)


That is the memorable speech that Jason Heyward gave in the locker room during the 17-minute rain delay of Game 7.


That night, the Chicago Cubs proved that they have something a lot of teams do not. Whether you are on a field, in a locker room or in an office, the Cubs have set some great examples of what it takes to be a team. 




How many years has it been since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?


On that November 2nd night, the answer to that question went from 108 to zero.


What can this teach other organizations and businesses? Patience is a virtue.



It’s going to take a while for things to click but success is not out of reach. The Cubs showed that you can do anything that you set your mind to as long as you accept that what you’re going through is a journey and not a race.



108 years made the win that night feel like the best thing in the world. The process was long but success doesn’t happen overnight.



When it feels like things are never going to work out keep your eye on the goal and your head in the game. It will all come together.




There are days when it feels like the world is against us. I’m guessing that’s how the team felt when Rajai Davis hit the home run that tied the game.



Then the rain delay, another sign that maybe it just wasn’t their year. That was until faith brought the Cubs together as a team to take home the trophy.



|“Stick together we’re going to win this game.”


Jason Heyward gave uplifting advice to his team in the locker room during the delay that some will say saved the game for the Cubs.


What any business can learn from Heyward is that you have to believe in yourself and your team in order to come out on top. When things are rough and when the world feels like it’s falling at your feet, lift your head up and believe. Be a leader.


That is what will make all the difference, just like it did for the Cubs.



Enjoy the process

It does not only have to do with the players on the field. It has to do with the coaches, management and the entire Cubs organization.



Executives had to make some of the toughest decisions of their careers. Some of the decisions left fans and staff unhappy. People were let go because of their choices and others were promoted. In the end, all decisions were made for the better of the team.



Players put in work throughout their childhoods, high school careers, college days and in the minors to get to play on that field and to bring the trophy to Chicago.


The lesson here is that even when we feel like our work is not paying off, it eventually will. Learn to enjoy the process so that it does not feel like such a struggle.



Acknowledge the setbacks and embrace the blood, sweat, and tears.


That feeling of failure is what will push you out of your comfort zone and forward.



Nobody carries the team

My grandfather could re-watch that game 100 times and still point out every single thing that went wrong. When my dad called him that night after the Cubs won it all, to say that he was mad would be an understatement.



He was so upset with how the team played that game that he did not even want to talk to my dad on the phone. I’m sure for the couple minutes that he did, nothing but foul language came out of his mouth.



A lesson that any business could learn from my grandfather is that nobody carries the team on their back.



One player couldn’t change the outcome of that game but the entire team could.



When things aren’t going right, do not start nitpicking every little thing that went wrong.



If you lose a sale, save yourself the struggle of trying to figure out how you could have landed it. Just focus on the next big thing. Correct the mistake if possible and if you cannot then move on.



If the Cubs looked back on every single mistake they made that night in the locker room during the rain delay, there is no chance they would have won that game. Instead, they focused on what they knew, they were the best team in baseball and they were going to win it all.



Look what happened.



Do not make this about yourself


|“I thought about all the people in Chicago and how much this meant to them.”


Anthony Rizzo knew that the November 2nd night wasn’t only about the endless practices and exhausting offseason training sessions. He knew that the sacrifices he had been making his career as a Cub wasn’t only for himself, it was for the fans too.



Some fans turned off their TV’s because they didn’t want to watch 108 years turn into 109 years. There were tears. Anxiety filled bars all around the United States.



The players knew how much this night meant to every single Chicago Cubs fan.



So, the next time you feel like you want to give up, remember why you started.



Who encouraged you to become an entrepreneur? Who encouraged you to take that promotion within the company that has caused your hair to turn gray?



You have fans too. You have people standing behind you and believing in you, just like the Cubs did and still do.


When you feel like giving up, do not make it about yourself. Do not give up because it will be easier for you. Do not give up because you think you will be less stressed.


Keep pushing because it is not about you, it is about your fans.



Answer the Call

The Chicago Cubs had the motivation, remained competitive, fought for each other, had goals, never gave up, believed in the organization, were leaders, and lastly believed in one another.


Because of all of those qualities, they won the World Series at last.



This story is one that people will pass down for generations. It is a story of how the lovable losers became the comeback Cubs.




A number that no longer represents the long drought the Chicago Cubs went through. A number that now tells a story about an organization that proved they had what it takes to answer the call.



We have an entire campaign around #AnsweringTheCall and many athletes make the list of people who answer the call. The entire Chicago Cubs organization made the list. 


Click here to learn more about other athletes who answer the call.




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Written by: Amy Schiller


In early and mid-2000’s I do not think that many people saw MySpace becoming unpopular. In fact, I believe a lot of people would have fought to keep MySpace around. It was a popular social media site that people could use to connect with friends.

Then, Facebook was developed. A more sophisticated platform because it was difficult to gain access to the network at first. If you were not at a university, you could not even have an account.

Eventually, Facebook started allowing more people to open accounts and slowly MySpace users began drifting away from the platform. Now, accounts are being opened on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms.

As of the first quarter of 2017, Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users. (Source)

MySpace gets 15 million monthly unique global visitors. (Source)

Not a lot of people saw the downfall of MySpace. A lot of us do not see Instagram or Facebook losing users. It is important to realize that there is always a plan for the next big thing, especially with the internet being as relevant as it is to consumers.

When making a purchasing decision, people are browsing web pages and looking at social media accounts. When consumers want to learn more about products, they turn to the internet to gain more information about how the product can benefit them. Consumers also read reviews and testimonials.

When it is finally time for consumers to act on the purchase, a majority of the decision has already been made from the information that they have gathered.

“They found us!”

Imagine that somebody is looking to buy a watch and they have no idea where to even begin. If they type “watch” into Google there are about 6,070,000,000 results. That is a lot of results and some of them may not even be relevant so we are going to narrow it down to “men watch brands”. Google produced about 52,900,000 results from that search.

If you are a consumer, how far are you willing to go into the pages on Google to find a watch?

According to HubSpot, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

If you are a watch brand, what makes your company stand out? How are you getting consumers to buy your product if it is on the third page?

MySpace lost a lot of users because Facebook became more relevant. MySpace was not providing value to consumers anymore, so they moved on. We saw the same thing happen with Vine when Facebook and YouTube proved that their video features were dominating.

While MySpace was celebrating its success of people finding them, Facebook was finding ways to prove that they were the next big thing.

Disrupt or be disrupted

Disrupt or be disrupted is a concept that some companies learned the hard way. Remember Blockbuster and Polaroid? Both companies were outed because they did not become digital fast enough and had unsuccessful attempts at doing so.

Disruption is becoming more of a task with all the content that is being distributed to consumers. Companies must find ways to stand out from competitors.

Facebook stood out from MySpace because originally it was so exclusive and only so many people could have access to the platform. A lot of people also saw security issues with MySpace.

Facebook disrupted Myspace just like Netflix disrupted Blockbuster, by becoming more advanced and offering services the other did not provide.

“We found them!”

Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, consumers are learning a great deal about companies without having to pick up the phone and call. There is a variety of information and resources through search engines, social media and other online channels that provide consumers with insights about companies.

This means that it is more important than ever to call consumers.

With all of the competitors in your field, what is making you stand out? A phone call can make all the difference to get consumers to purchase a product or service with your company instead of the company that has 100k likes on Facebook.

It is good that your consumers are gathering information from social media sites and other online channels. Social media drives lead generation but how useful is that lead generation if you are not following through with the process?

Do not be the next MySpace and allow a competitor to take over your territory. Instead of saying, “They found us!” say, “We found them!” Disrupt your audience by calling them up and showing them that you care more about them than the competitor who let them slip away.

Customers and clients are making decisions every day so be sure that they are making the right one.  

Did you know that 63% of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads? (Source)


Do not put in the work for no reason

How often are you posting on social media sites? How often are you providing content for your consumers?

If your answer is often, then you may be making an effort for no reason.

If you are finding unique ways to attract people to your business and if they are showing interest, you are missing a great opportunity by not picking up the phone and calling them.

If you are looking to stand out from your competitors, it is time to do something that they are not doing. Let social media be your guide to generating leads but let a phone call make the sale. Watch the difference that it can make in your company.

The internet is a brilliant thing, but it can not land a lead the way that a phone call can.

Converting leads into sales is not an easy process. It takes time, patience and trust to get to that point. It is important to focus on what you can be doing to get leads to convert.

Did you find this article brought new insights to you or your company? If you did, please hit the ‘like’ button and share on LinkedIn as well as other social channels. I encourage you to join in on the conversation and comment with some other useful marketing tactics.

Do you think that social media and other online channels do the selling itself or do you think that it is better to pick up the phone and call consumers?



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Written by: Amy Schiller